Week 2 of Bahia en… GUAYMAS!!! AKA: Hawaiimas: July 25th 2016

Hello my super awesome family!!! How are you??

Bueno… My new companion is Sister Sotelo!!! WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!

From: Guaymas… Barrio Miramar

Favorite Color: Green… actually its a color that I´m not quite sure how to describe it… If you put in Tornasol in Google it should come up with something…

Favorite Scripture: Joshua 1:9

Time in the Mission: 8 days

Time left in the Mission: 10 days… 😥😥

So we are opening up this area in the Bahia Ward in Guaymas!!! WHOOOOHOOO!!! Hermana Sotelo will be my companion for the full time of 2 1-2 weeks and another member will be my companion for another 2 1-2 weeks… for this transfer. Its super cool because we don´t know the area… or where are the limits of our area… or really anything… but we are learning. I´m kind of training my companion in a week type of thing so she gets the hang of things. I love her so stinking much she has a lot of desires to work hard… I don´t remember how to say it but the only word that describes it is “HECHALE MUCHAS GANAS!!” I don´t know… but she´s super ready to work. And thats good… she has also changed colors of skin… she was whiter than me… and now… well she´s still whiter than me… but she´s changing… its a process not an event. However again in this ward its a ton of Less active members so we are going to working with them… a lot… the only hard thing is that here a lot of people go on vacation and because its beachy a lot of people work on Sundays because of tourism. But its all good because we´re working our tails off here… poor thing my companion… she´s super tired. But super gunho!!! So… ya… we´re just kind of working things out here in our new house… it rains a bit here… this morning we had a puddle in the middle of our room we think its from the floor… thats kind of fun… today we made Lemon Pie… (I´m super good at that) we the pie while we were waiting for our room to get better… we had a bunch of baby cockroaches in everything… mostly in my clothes… and suitcases… they were between the window, the puddle on the floor and the bathroom. They were NOT THERE YESTERDAY!!! Only after the rain. My companion says that they probably went there to get warm??? I don´t know… but its weird and gross… so we have been fumigating all day and cleaning the house super well… There are no other signs in the house of cockroaches but in the bathroom and my clothes. NO IDEA!!! But super fun. I think this week will be better. I hope… we are finally getting to know the area and some of the active members. We have a lot of work to do… wish us luck! Or actually so that its more sure… PRAY FOR US!!! I´m always praying for you. I hope that Grandpa feels better. Hi Grandma! I hope you are both doing okay! I´m praying for ya! I love you all and hope that you are all progressing in the gospel! I hope that we are all preparing ourselves to be worthy of the Eternal Family which we all want! I love you! Be good and make right choices!!!

Until next week!

Hermana Ashby

P.S. COLTON AND AARON WRITE ME!!! IMMEDIATELY!!! I need to know how goes life for the 2 of you!!!


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