September 26th 2016

Hola mi familia!

Bueno esta semana fue tan rápido!!! No puedo creerlo!!!

Okay… where to start? Well we had bed bugs in our rooms so we rented a laundry machine and washed literally ALL OF OUR CLOTHES!!! While speaking on the subject of insects-critters unwanted. We had a rat a couple of weeks ago. Remember the hurricane that was super small just a ton of wind? Well a rat got into the house. I completely spaced to tell you guys. It was literally as bit as half of my forearm. SUPER BIG!!! You know what? I think it was bigger. My companion killed it. I held it down with a broom. She felt bad but the thing was super ugly!!! I have never had a rat in my house. We would hear stuff but never saw anything. That is until one day that it was in the room where we sleep. FYI the house is super super clean. But this one day my companion was eating a tamale in the room and we had to go to a meeting when we got back the rat was in the room and it was eating the tamale. So ya… food is not allowed in any other part of the house other than the kitchen… and where we study (sometimes). We took pictures… it was fun. I´ll send you one. So this week we washed all of our clothes. The house then ran out of water… its been super fun! But we worked our tails off… which was even more fun!! Rosa Isela fue a la capilla otra vez ayer!!! WOOOJOOO!!! Also an inactive member also went to church! I was so stinking excited to see her there. We have been working our tails off to help them out. However they will also be moving to Monterrey… so ya. That was sad. But we talked to her and she is super excited to come back to church and has a ton of plans. Also her daughter will be getting baptized in a couple of weeks there in Monterrey when they get there. There was a baptism this week as well. La familia Chiñas. They love me. Not quite sure why but they do… We also went to the Women´s Conference and that was fun as well and ya… EL FIN SE ACERCA!!! Y HAY POCO TIEMPO. DEBÉIS PUBLICAR LO QUE DIOS OS MANDÓ. But really though…it was super cool!!! We also had some pretty awesome lessons this week with Carolina and her husband Francisco. They have a lot of problems as a couple but we talked with them and they are willing to live the gospel and they now have a baptismal date. They really have changed a lot. They used to argue a ton and now they are really starting to listen and excercise patience with the other. Um… what else… um… I don´t really know… OH!!! Last week we had the Ward party for Independence day and we sang a song… it is called “La Barca de Guaymas” super pretty… and this week we had the stake party. Our ward sisters from the Relief Society danced and it was super pretty. Their skirts are so purdy with how they throw them back and forth… I loved it!!! We ate..and 4 investigators went to the party and they made some friends so that´s good as well. But ya… this week has been a little bit tight with all of the events and we´ve had to move a little bit fast. We´ll find out transfers this week so… I don´t know where I´ll go. We will probably find out in the middle of Conference of after on Saturday. So ya!!! I hope that you will all be able to watch conference… coming up next week your thoughts on it. I hope all is well and that you are all receiving blessings. Hermana Abanto says “Hello Family Ashby” as well as Hermana Ruíz. Les amo mucho! El Señor tiene muchas bendiciones preparadas para cada uno de ustedes. Solo esperen y ven los milagros que El Señor tiene preparados. Tengan una buena semana!!! Bye!!


Hermana Ashby


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