September 12th 2016 Guaymas Barrio Bahía Semana 10


Well this week was super interesting!!!

I had never been in a hurricane… until now. Super fun!!! It wasn´t too big. Just A LOT of wind, but not a ton of water. However Guaymas isn´t completely built for hurricane… which is a little weird because my area has a lot of beach. So some people lost a lot of houses. We were in companion exchanges during the hurricane and I was with Hermana Ylst. She´s from Utah… it was so stinking weird to talk a little bit of ingles with her. I´ve never had companion exchanges with someone from the USA. We were doing good with just talking in Spanish like normal until around 5pm when the winds picked up and it started raining harder. She had never been in one either so we were completely intruiged with… well… EVERYTHING! We were lucky because this new house that we moved into doesn´t have anyway of the rain falling into the house despite the fact that we live on a hill. Other missionaries had a lot of problems with their houses. We just had problems with the wind in the other room that we don´t use. One day I will tell you about it… SUPER FUN!!! But ya. The next day we were cleared to work and we had a lot of service to do!! It was fun to see people open their hearts a little bit more and accept help from us and from others. It was fun to see them work together as well. You know how in the scriptures that it says that the Lord blesses us with trials to make us more humble and recognize the hand of the Lord? This scriptural truth was very prevelant in this week. After the hurricane we had a conference with Presidente Robinson and we learned a ton as well. We talked about working members with missionaries. The work of souls is not only a job for the missionaries and when the missionaries are involved there are more baptisms and success in areas and wards. He also focused on teaching us about the Atonement.. 🎶 Ahhhhh… (angelic ahhhhh) 🎶 I love to talk about the Atonement! He talked about faith and the grace of the Atonement, or the Grace of Christ. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I learned a ton! I honestly love the conferences with Presidente. Son los mejores días del cambio! So ya… that was practically all of this week. We´re doing pretty good with everything. Still busting our tails so that someone goes to church but ya. That´s life. We have found a bunch of new investigators and I´m super excited to see them progress. Please pray for the people of Guaymas. With the hurricane they´re a little bit more open to listen to the gospel but have many needs. Please pray for them to progress in the gospel and to attend church!!! But that´s our life here… how are things over there? Whatcha been doin? How are you all? Are you well in health? Work? You bought a new car? are the pictures? I would love to see them… more pictures of your faces… but the car too!!! I love you all and hope and with and pray that you all have a wonderful week!!! Bye!! Until next week!!


Hermana Ashby


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