October 31st 2016

Hola Familia… ummmm… quizás puedo escribirles una carta en español… porque en verdad no tengo mucho tiempo y me cuesta mucho a pensar en ingles… pero vale la pena!!! Les amo mucho!!!

Espero que todos estan bien. This week was a little rough. Honestly it was a little bit hard, we had to stop visiting some people and honestly it broke our hearts because they are willing to progress. So.. ya. I hate to stop visiting someone!!! Its horrible! But ya… lots of things happened in this week. We honestly had a lot of dificulties but its okay. We fasted and we felt a little bit better. We are working a lot with a investigator called Sandra. She is super good! Muy muy buena! She has gone to church 2 times. She has a baptismal date but has a little bit of fear of the water… so we`re working on that… because she`s going to be imsered (that looks weird) in the water. But she feels good about the church and especially the Book of Mormon and has changed a lot!!! So if you could maybe pray for her. Por fis!!! Also the family Cardona and Blanca, Odilia and Isabela, Enia, Francisco, Ana Silvia and Reina. They need a lot of prayers!!! I am so grateful to be here in Peñasco. It is so beautiful! There is sand in every part except for 5 streets of my area… but its super fun. I am on a bike ( I don`t remember if I told you all that) but ya. We seriously work all day… I have no other news to tell ya. Sorry!!! I`m super boring but thats life!! And you guys? How are you all doing? I hope that you are enjoying your Halloween night!!! I love you all!!! Well… until next week!


Hermana Ashby


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