October 17th 2016 Peñasco semana 2

Okay… so before I tell you anything about here in Peñasco I have to tell you all something about happened in Guaymas… ROSA ISELA GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!! WOOOOOOOOJOOOOOOO!!!!! Sister Ruìz was so stinking excited!!! I am too!!! I couldn`t go to this baptism because its 10 hours in a bus… so ya. But I`m gonna see if I can go to her husbands baptism… he also has a baptismal date now. WOOOOOJOOOOOO!!!! MIRACLES EXIST!!! Her husband also is changing a ton… every time we went to their house he was always drinking and didn`t really pay attention. Until the ultimate 2 semanas and he listened to the lesson and liked it. He never went to church and now has a baptismal date because he loved the baptism of his wife!!! He now wants to change and it is all from the example of his wife.

Here in Puerto Peñasco we have a few investigators with baptismal dates but we are helping them to overcome some challenges that they have right now. But they are really really good!!! Well…. the computer shut down so now I don`t have much time… so sorry!!!! I love you all… hope you are fine. Mom I hope that the scripture study helps you with everything you need it to. The rest of ya… well… I hope your lives are good as well. Hope you all take time for the Savior and our Heavenly Father. Looking for the miracles and blessings they have left here in our lives. I love you all and am praying for you always.

Hermana Ashby


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