November 7th 2016

hello well… this week was a little bit slow.

We had interviews… so this next week will be a little long because there will be transfers this next week. So… ya… time has gone by super fast right? Like crazy fast? Scary fast? I feel a little weird because almost all of my companions have returned home… so that stinks. But ya… so we`ve been working hard. My back like I said mom… it has been hurting and I couldn`t walk but now I`m good now. My companion Hermana Luna is super good with me!!! Super patient!!! We have been working super hard en these weeks. So its been really fun to watch her grow. We have been learning a lot together. I don`t really know what to write here… I`m super super bad at this… you`d think that after 15 meses that I would be able to write a good letter… but no. I hope I`ll be able to read your letter Aaron!!! We get mail every time that someone goes to Hermosillo so every month… but this week if it got there with the transfers I think it`ll get here. I miss you guys a ton and hope all is well and that you are all making good choices and staying good. Colton I hope that you are preparing for the mission… I will get back before you go… don`t worry!!! 😉😁😉😁. Michaela… I hope that the driving test goes well… please don`t wreck mom`s car… eh?  Aaron I hope that everything is good with you with school and the other activities that I`m not quite sure what you are doing with your life. I am seriously so excited that you wrote me a letter!!! WOOJOOO!!! I LOVE SNAIL MAIL!!! I also love packages… with treats… clothes… no… treats😉😁 yes… just kidding. But thanks bud for the letter. I can`t wait to get it!!! Grandma and Grandpa good to see your faces!!! I miss you guys so much!!! I hope that you are feeling okay and waiting patiently for your new room!!! Mom I love you so much!! I hope that you are feeling good with everything. I pray with all my might that the Lord is taking care of you all. I hope that my work here has blessed you all in some way. Well… maybe one day I`ll be good about writing letters… probably not. SORRY!!! But I love you all!!! My camera doesn`t have a memory card or battery.. because it has a virus and they haven`t been able to get rid of the virus… but one of the Elders is like a hack wiz… so we`ll see. Sorry I don`t have any fotos… not a one… from all of these transfers… sorry!!! I love you all OH SO MUCH!!! Be good and make right choices!!!


Hermana Ashby


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