November 28th 2016

Hola mi hermosa familia!!!

How are ya doing this week? This week went well there were a ton of tourists for Thanksgiving weekend… I forgot to tell you all… HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!! I hope that you all ate well. We fasted on this day… not really we fasted on Friday but… 😋😁. We have been working super hard! This week we had three investigators go to church this weekend!!! WOOOJOOOO!!!! Honestly this is one of the hardest things… people going to church… we teach all they need to but here because everything is tourism they almost never go to church but HEY!!! 3 PEOPLE WENT TO CHURCH WITH US!!!! WOOOOOJOOOOOO!!!!!! Um… what else has happened?? I honestly don`t know what to tell ya… I`m super boring!!! A couple of weeks ago I was reading my scriptures and for some reason this time around reading the Book of Mormon I found myself crying. I was reading in 3 Nefi and I have read these chapters and really really loved them and they have meant something very special to me… but this time around it was different. I`m not quite sure why… my companion says its because I`m an old lady in the mission but when I started reading chapter 17 something changed this time… and by the time I got to Chapter 19 (my favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon) I was crying so hard. Being here in “The Americas” teaching people that have a beautiful culture here in the mission and reading those words… I couldn`t help but to think of Mark 14 when Christ`s apostles slept during the Atonement. There is such a difference between the Book of Mormon and The Bible… with the way people acted towards the Savior. I found myself this time around not thinking like the people… but more in the shoes of the Savior. Can you imagine? When suffering the Atonement, our sins, pains, sicknesses, sadnesses and every class of possible feeling we can have in this life He returned to His apostles 3 times to find them sleeping… not knowing what He was doing praying a little far off. I imagined Him and His feelings of loneliness, heartache and complete sadness. He was then tortured and beat and accused and rejected not only by the Pharisees and Saduccees but by his own apostles. He was crucified and died on the cross. He was sent by His Father to the Spirit World to organize all for the people there waiting and then came back here to the earth where He spoke once again to His apostles… 3 days later. And in my mind I imagine that a little bit after this He came here… He descended down from the heavens at the temple where the people had been bruised and wounded from the storms and tragic scenes of their cities being destroyed. But when He descended down… everyone cast their eyes upon Him. No one looked away (in my mind). A voice (the Father) introduced Him… being one of the few times that the Father introduces His Son. He then says “I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come into the world.” He then told them that He did the greatest act of all human history. Then in one accord the multitude fell upon their knees, crying and praying thanks unto their God… for their Savior had come, they remembered the words of their fathers and the prophets concerning Him and probably had a bit of an inner experience similar to that of Alma in Chapter 36… but complete peace and joy filling their hearts. He then invited each and everyone of them to come unto Him and touch the marks in His hands so they could each personally know of the reality of Him and His sacrifice. So that they could personally know that He did it for them… each and every one personally. I imagined His mind filled with happiness and joy and peace and love for each and everyone of them. As He taught them and realized that they weren`t quite ready to hear what He had to say… maybe a little bit of doubt that they were like the Pharisees and Saducees. He said that He would leave for a time but was so filled with compassion towards them that He taught and blessed them, healing the sick and poor of heart doing all kinds of miracles to bless them because even though they didn`t quite understand completely… He loved them still the same. He taught them the things of most importance… baptism and the sacrament. Then He left ascending into the heavens… waiting until they were ready. The people obeyed and the disciples taught what He had taught them… and then they understood. When they completed what He commanded the angels descended and He descended once again. Having received a true baptism… they prayed without ceasing. In my mind I can but only imagine the joy that filled His heart… the same that was literally broken just a short time ago. Still probably remembering the people there in Jerusalem and filled with sadness for them. But here… here in the Americas the people prayed and gave thanks to their God for their Savior Jesus Christ. He went a little way off, He prayed personally to the Father thanking Him for them, and when He returned they were still praying… He did this… 3 times… the same as He did with the Atonement. And every time He came back He found them on their knees… This is the difference between the Bible and The Book of Mormon. The people. It is the same God, the same Jesus Christ and the same Gospel. But the people were different. Their actions different. I found myself these past 5 weeks thinking about this experience and thinking of the experience of my Savior Jesus Christ. I don`t know why but after reading so many times the Book of Mormon this time it was different. I am so grateful for what He did for me. I am grateful for the Bible and the Book of Mormon and for the many teachings we find in each and every one of them. I hope and pray that we can put them in practice. I hope that each and every one of you my dear family can read these chapters and really live them. We come to know our Savior through the scriptures and realize the love He has for us as well as for others. I am so grateful to be here in the mission and to be a representative of Him. It is a grand privilege of which I am honored to carry. I am willing to carry my part of the yoke and remember Him in every moment of my life. I invite you all to do the same. I love you all. And wish and pray for you… every one specifically by name. I hope that we can always remember the Savior especially in this time of the year, that we can be worthy of Him and His name. I invite you all to take time this week, read these chapters 3 Nephi 11-19 and then to kneel down and pray and pour your heart to the Lord and express your feelings for Him for send His Son Jesus Christ. There is a new video out from the church a new initiative for the Christmas season. I hope you can watch it and share it with others… and not only share it on the internet world but can follow it in the REAL WORLD. I love you all. I hope you have a great and fantastic week… always following the Great Master`s teachings. Until next week!!!


Hermana Ashby


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