November 21st  2016

Hello mi hermosa familia!!!

How are you all?

This week went good! We found some new people to teach and are putting baptismal dates on lots of people. Honestly I have no idea what to write because every week is practically the same. We teach… we contact people… we follow teaching… we walk… sometimes ride bike… its great and grand!!! I love it!! We found some people really cool this week their names are Arecli, Maria Jesus, Suge and Jacinto. Of the people we found these were the cooler ones. These people really need the gospel in their lives. I am learning a ton with my companion Hermana Acuña. She is so stinking good and filled with mmmm… google translate says “good cheer” but that doesn´t sound right… so ya. She really wants to work and I love it! So we are working normal… hard and long. Ooooo something a little bit hard is that we don´t have a phone… I kind of lost it who knows where… I´ve never actually lost a phone before… they have broken before and we had to wait like 2-3 days for the phone but we have had 3 days without a phone and we´ll probably have to wait until friday. Its okay… we really only need it to talk to members to go with us to appointments with investigators… and it is our alarm. Thank goodness that we´re used to getting up at 6:30 every morning!!! The only thing is that I think our minds are on alert because we know we don´t have an alarm so I have woken up at like 530 am and sometimes at 6 but very few times at 630… so ya… we´re working hard. I hope you all are good and loving life and doing what the Lord expects you to do. I love you and make right choices! Enjoy sleeping with alarm clocks!!! jajajja… Bye hasta proxima semana!


Hermana Ashby



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