November 14th 2016

Hi everyone!!! We had transfers this last week and lots of things have happened!!! My new companion is *drum roll please*… Hermana Acuña!!

Info de ella…

Color: Pink

Scripture: DYC 112:10

From: Paraguay

Time in the mision: 2 days

So… ya I am training here in Puerto Peñasco and she`s so stinking cute! We get along very well. Honestly when I first met her I thought that she was North American but no… she`s South American! She`s super cool and I think we will be able to work very hard here together! She´s really excited as well as I am! So ya… we left for Hermosillo on Sunday and then got there at about 10pm. We had a conference with President and Hermana Robinson and the Assistents (that word looks wrong no matter how many times I spell it) and then I had to go to the Clinic for my foot… it has been having some problems… but I`m good with the pain… just haven´t been able to sleep for like 2 weeks all through the night for the pain… but last night was my first night to sleep all through the night. So it was good. However because we left the clinic at 5pm and the ride back to Peñasco is 7 1-2 hours we had to stay another night in Hermosillo. So ya… sorry that I couldn`t write before!!! But we don`t have a ton of time right now. Last week Hna Luna and I found some really cool investigators that are really interested in the gospel and that really need it. If you all could pray for them that would be great!!! Margarita, Jesus, Andres, Familia Oliva, Enrique, Ivan, Febe, Sandra y Adolfo. Ellos son muy muy buenos y necesitan muchas oraciones!!! Muchas gracias por todo!! Algo un poco chistoso es que en este fin de semana habían muchos bikers de todos lados de Harley Davidson… entonces el trabajo fue un poco lento porque todos estaban en la playa y no pudimos ir ahí. Pero sí no se que mas ha pasado. Siento un poco vieja porque muchas personas han ido a sus casas en este Lunes y llore mucho yo porque mis compañeras (lay mayoría) ya han ido a sus casas!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! NO SE QUE HACER!!! Les extraño mucho y es difícil porque puede ser la ultima vez que voy a verlas!!! Entonces porque nosotras dormimos en la casa de Presidente ellas vinieron a nuestra cuarto para despedirme… porque no pudimos estar en su ultima cena… y que bueno porque no quiero estar triste. Fue muy… no se… interesante… muy triste a verlas ir a sus casas en verdad. Pero ya estamos bien entonces aquí estamos en Puerto Peñasco y listas para trabajar!!!


…. I just realized that I was writing in Spanish but I don`t have time to change it all… I think that if you put it in Google that it should come up good… if not I`m so sorry!!! But I love you all and hope that you are all making good choices and obeying the mandaments of the Lord. I love you and well… I`ll write a better letter next week!!! Sorry!!! Bye!!! Love you all!!!

Hermana Ashby


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