May 30th 2016

Hello Family!!!
Okay… so today we had transfers so that was fun!!! I am still here in Misiones but I have a new companion, her name is Hermana Chay she is from Yucatan México. Her favorite color is brown… no important what kind of shade of brown. She has the same time in the mission as me!! Her favorite food is mole… its pretty big here in México… and it is soooooo good!!!!! She is super cool!! She was companions to Hermana Abadia and Hermana Neff as well… so we have 2 companions in common, so thats cool. She is so ready to work!!! And I LOVE IT!!! We have a ton of work to do here… Olga and Karem are progressing really well the only thing is they aren´t married to their spouses… Olga has 30 years living with her spouse and Karem has 2 years living together as well with hers. So… we are still teaching them and they are still coming to church… but we are going to try to start teaching their family as well so they can be baptized… they were a little saddened… but after praying about it they are ready to do what they need to to get baptized. They really are so stinking good!!! So right now their baptismal date is put on hold… but we have a ton of faith that we can help them. We also have a couple of others that are progressing really well. I am so excited to be working here… really the people are super elect. I am learning a ton. I love it here. The people are so good and are willing to sacrifice the things of the world for the blessings of the Lord… not only that but they are seeing the changes super quickly!!! We are going to be fasting a ton this transfer!!! I am so excited!!!! Here is a foto of me and my companion… She is so stinking sweet!!! Hope that all is well with you guys… seriously though you need to write me… didn´t know anything about dates.. or graduation.. or what vacations do we even have going on right now? But its okay… I love ya anyways. Well I gotta go. But I love you all. Be good and make right choices!!!

Hermana Ashby


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