May 2nd  2016

Ya I know… this week went by so stinking fast!! We found 2 of the COOLEST FAMILIES EVER THIS WEEK!!!! Me and my companion have never in all of our mission felt the Spirit guiding our words like this… NUNCA!!!! It was so cool!!!! I don´t have a ton of time to write because we are going to go teach them tonight as well and they have a ton of questions!!! One of the families… her daughter asked us why I was so happy… my companion wasn´t feeling so good… so apparently I was the only happy one??? However we taught them about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they had a load of questions. They talked to another church´s missionaries and because of their experience they didn´t want to listen to any other type of missionaries. They had seen us walking down the street almost every day and only on this day did we knock on their door. They told us that the only reason they let us in was because I was always happy. That was kind of new to the whole perspective of missionary work. But the lesson was SOOOOOOO COOL!!!! My companion did the First Vision and the Spirit was so strong!!!! One of the daughters asked us why we were so happy and we told her it was the Spirit and living the Gospel. Because the Gospel has blessed our lives. Mom, I am not even kidding… I don´t remember all that I said in this lesson… at all!!! Only this part and testifying about the Book of Mormon. I think that´s because those were the only words that were my own. They were so excited and told us that they would read the Book of Mormon through the night. We met with them on Friday and on Saturday the same daughter called us and told us she was reading and wanted us to come back. We had back to back lessons (which is also super new here in this area because we have found quite a few people to teach!) and so the only time we can meet with her is tonight at 6:30!!!! Mom I´m not even kidding they are so stinking cool!!! Its hard sometimes to get people to read the Book of Mormon let alone pray about it. So the fact that they are reading without being asked… because we didn´t even ask they told us they would read it. I think they´ll be having lots of questions but I am so stinking excited!!! I don´t know how many times we have taught lessons about the Restoration however… this was definitely on my top 3 list!!! It was amazing!!! I love my companion as well!!! She loves to work hard and with the Spirit… so its better!! Um… something that happened this week is that I was lost and abandoned alone for an hour this week until President Robinson came and got me… that was fun. More details when I have more time… but ya… lets just say that the Area of the Elders is a little bit sketchy in the night and I ran/walked 10 blocks to get to a Dominos pizza… I have so much more respect for Dominos pizza than any other time in my life!!! I will tell ya more on Mothers day. Um… another thing… here Mothers day is on Tuesday and my companion will be skyping on Tuesday. So I have a question if we could maybe skype on Tuesday so that me and my companion can skype at the same time and save a bit of more time in the week??? Is that okay?


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