May 23rd 2016

Hola mi hermosa familia!!!

Hey guys… sorry don´t have a ton of time this week. We have transfers this week so I´ll let you know all about that next monday. But we have just been so stinking crazy busy this week!!! We had some really great lessons with people this week. They are progressing really well. We had some really good spiritual experiences. I know that the new people that we found really can progress if they will just read the scriptures and pray to the Father for help and His guidance in their lives. We had a few difficulties this week also but thats okay. With more patience, humility and prayer it will all be okay. I hope all is well with you all. Sorry I don´t have a ton of time. We were able to write only 1 hour today. Sorry!!! But I love you and would love to hear from you. Be good and make right choices!!!! Read your scriptures and say your prayers. I love you!!! Bye!!


Hermana Ashby


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