May 16th 2016

Hello my very beautiful family!!!
It was so nice to talk to you on Tuesday!!! Again… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! The next Mothers day I promise I will be there…. šŸ˜‰šŸ˜˜ This week was cool!!! We have been working a ton!!! The Vasquez Gamez Family now have a baptismal date… June 19th… here they come! Please pray for them!!! They went to church yesterday and loved it! We are trying some different things here in the zone. I donĀ“t really know… IĀ“m asking my companion what happened this week and she just said that we worked a ton… so ya. Sorry!!! We will be going to the temple on Friday… so thatĀ“s good!!! I canĀ“t wait for that. I love the temple… there is a feeling of peace found there that is not found in any other part of the world that we can feel the same kinds of feelings there. It truly is the house of the Lord and sacred. Honestly thee razon we want to go is to feel of the Spirit that is there. I hope that everyone can strive to be worthy of a temple recommend and go if they can. It truly is a grand blessing… one of which I am so very proud of. I honestly donĀ“t know what else to say… um… people to pray for if you will?

Familia Vasquez Lopezā€¦Ester Lopezā€¦Alfredoā€¦Dorixaā€¦Martha y Kevinā€¦Giselaā€¦Rosieā€¦Angelicaā€¦Manuelā€¦ Dianaā€¦Eileenā€¦Rebeccaā€¦Familia Canazalesā€¦Guadalupeā€¦Mariselaā€¦Davidā€¦Alejandrinaā€¦Familia Ruiz Anguloā€¦Familia Anguloā€¦Alondra Fernanda

They are super super awesome here. We are working more and more with the members here. We hope that we can see a whole bunch of progress here. I donĀ“t reallly know… a ton of work in this wonderful week of MotherĀ“s Day!!! I hope that all is well with you and that you are growing spiritually as fast as it looks like Aaron is growing with his height!!! HAHAHA!!! Seriously though dude… STOP IT!!! I wish that I had an emergency phone with me so that when ColtonĀ“s calling arrives I can be there… will you please I donĀ“t know… record it or something? I am so excited for you all!!! IĀ“m glad to hear that Michaela had fun at the prom with her emoji pillows and everything too!!! Mom… I am fine and I love you so much! Thank you for your example for me and you love for all of us!!! I love you!!!


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