June 6th 2016

Well… this week was super awesome!!!

We were able to work a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my companion so stinking much!!! She has some problems with her foot… its super swollen… we will find out what it is tomorrow. However because of this we can´t walk very fast or very far. So we felt that we needed to ask in our prayers more specifically to find people closer and in our way so that she would be okay with her feet. We found a ton of people close by!!! I was super surprised!!! We prayed so many times. We had a whole bunch of people that we taught. Besides the fact that we can´t go as fast… through our faith the Lord is blessing us with many people in our way down the streets, opportunities to serve and to teach. I am also learning about patience with others… in a lesson one of the spouses of an investigator that had questions about things that weren´t true… rumors. He was a little confused and we were really patient but then somewhere in his questions I didn´t understand what he was saying??? At this point in my mission I can understand pretty much everything that someone asks me or tells me… not all the bad words… but I´m learning :(.  It was interesting because I don´t know why I didn´t understand him. However I was a little strong with him… and that never happens with me… and I misunderstood him. So I am repenting now and searching for his question and the answer to it. However it got me to thinking… despite the fact that I didn´t understand his question sometimes we have questions that in the long run are not vitally important for our salvation. They are little doubts, or angers that we have, little questions of curiosity but not of sincere intentions. The scriptures say that if we will ask the Father in the name of Jesus Christ with real intention that He will give us an answer through the Holy Ghost. However sometimes we have questions that are impeding us from progressing, doubts and questions, bad situations and experiences. But we really don´t need to have these… “doubts” we can act with faith and believe… and trust in the feelings we receive through prayer to our Heavenly Father. One thing that I know that I have problems with is Faith. It is so hard for me to have faith!!! I don´t know why!!! But this week we trusted in the Lord that despite the fact that we couldn´t work super fast or “gun ho” like normal that we would work with faith in Him and that He would bless us. And I´ll tell you what… it works! I don´t know how… I know my companion has more faith than me and she is teaching me a ton about faith. But it was so cool to see the evidence and results of our faith and the actions that we took to prove our faith. We weren´t in the house all day… we were walking… and slowly but surely the Lord did bless us. I really did enjoy it! I loved it! I am so grateful for her and for this week. Although it had its share of errors and challenges it really was a good week and I feel as though I was able to grow spiritually because of this experience. I had my doubts about how many people we would be able to see this week. But when we act and stop mourning  the Lord blesses…. according to our faith. I know that to be true. I hope all is well with you all!!! I hope that Grandma and Grandpa are okay in their appointments that Colton does well with this job interview and that Michaela and Aaron don´t burn the house down in Wyoming… drive safe Mom, make good choices everyone… stay true to the faith and press forward in prayer and faith with all you´ve got!!! The Lord does bless us… trust Him.


I love you!!

Hermana Ashby


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