June 27th 2016

Hola mi bonita familia!!!

This week was actually pretty fantastic!!! It started off a bit rocky with people that didn´t want to open their doors or running away from us in the street… children answering and telling us that their mom says shes not home and the normal things of the mission. We weren´t discouraged… but a little saddened by this. Not sure why… we´re pretty accustomed to it but this week it hit us a little hard. Sunday and Monday we had hardly any contacts and lessons and we went to the district meeting on Tuesday and all the other 3 companionships in our district were feeling the same. So we decided to fast together. We also (the sister missionaries) were going to go to the temple this week on Friday so we decided to start the fast on Thursday and end on Friday. It was so interesting… we fasted for three things… 1) sensible to the Spirit 2) to “be of good cheer” (I don´t remember how to say animo… but we prayed for animo) 3) to tough the hearts of the people. So we hit the sun scorching dirt and got to work!! In Wednesday we didn´t have much success either. However on Thursday we had many miracles happen in these last 3 days. Firstly the things funny… we prayed to be of good cheer… when we contcted people we were a little bit more excited about things… 3-4 times I actually ran to them to contact them… whereas my companion simply waved and smiled and 2 times the people came to us… (she has super spiritual powers) and… I don´t know…. we were just super happy!!! Secondly, we were knocking on doors… we don´t knock on everydoor, only those that we feel we should knock on (where the Spirit indicates) and we had 7 new people open to us!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people didn´t “just listen” either… they were actually really involved in the lesson and those that we visited for the second time had changed from the first time that we had talked with them. Not quite sure who changed more… them or us. Probably more us. Me and my companion are always happy and many people ask us why we are happy but this week was different. I guess you could say that we were spiritually filled this week. We´re still not quite sure what to teach Familia Vasquez… but we are going to completely rely on the Spirit to tell us if they are going to progress or not. But this week was really really good. Went by super fast and I can´t believe that we have 2 more weeks left in this transfer… QUE RÁPIDO!!! But I am so happy to be here. I am so happy to be walking in the same type of desert of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to all of you for allowing me to be here. I really am. I hope you are all growing spiritually and enjoying having the Gospel in your lives as I am. I hope all is well with you all and you are seeing the Lord´s hands in things. He really does love us and bless us with what we need. I love you all and will be better on time next week… we´ve just been super busy!!! I love you and can´t wait to hear from you!!! Bye!!!


Hermana Ashby


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