June 20th 2016

Hola mi bonita familia!!!
Well… this week has been a little bit hard… but good as well. I´ve been learning a lot. I´m super tired. We have been praying so stinking hard for Familia Vasquez Gamez but things aren´t changing. We have fasted and included them in our prayers but still no changes. But like mom always says patience is a virtue. So we are praying for them. Sometimes its a little stressful but the blessings are there. I am learning a lot with my companion. We have had some awesome learning experiences this week. We planned a lesson specifiacally for them and the Spirit was so strong but we don´t think that the Hermano felt it… he needs to open up his heart. All of the rest of his family is ready for baptism. But until he gives permission (and we have a wedding) they can´t be baptized. Something that the rest of his family yearns for. So ya… we are learning and growing a ton. We had a lesson with a new investigator whos name is Norma and she is pretty cool. She wasn´t too fond of the idea to let us enter her house and listen to a message from us although she did let us in. But it was funny because we could see how her expressions changed. How it was making sense to her and how the questions she had for so long she was now receiving answers. She was so happy to hear the lesson and had a ton of questions too. She was so excited to hear about the Book of Mormon. She has a big family and even though they weren´t there when we visited her… I hope they are this week. I can see her progressing. The only thing that we have a hard time is finding the people to teach them again. I think its the heat or something. Because they don´t open their doors… even though right now its really not that hot. But you know… cracking hard the pavement and dirt of this here desert of Hermosillo. Honestly I love it. We´re a bit tired this week… but we love it. We had some problems when a member went to work with us and we were so excited!!! We went to literally everyone in our plans and knocked on a ton of doors and we only had 2 lessons. She was super great though!! She told us she wants to leave to accompany us again. So we will be leaving with her this week also. WOOOJOOO!!! But ya… I don´t know what else has happened. I am glad to have recieved letters this week from you all THANK YOU!!! I also sent letters to you guys this week as welll in snail mail… we´ll see how long they take. But I love you all I am glad to hear about the search and training of jobs… hope that Aarons okay. I hope that you all are seeing the blessings of the gospel in your lives this week.

I love you all!!!
Hermana Ashby


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