July 4th 2016

Hola family!!!

Firstly before I tell you all anything about this week…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLTON!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME 19 YEARS!!! Its been great to be with you for… well 18 of those years… I miss you and hope that you are strengthening you testimony. Love ya bud!!!

How ya´ll doing? This week was super great!! We had a great time…. some adventures from service as well. We have an investigator whose name is  Lala. She has a son with Muscular dystrophy and lives alone. The chair that she has for him isn´t like what she needs and tries to píck up work where she can but more than anything is there at home with her son. Her family helps her out with the things she needs in emergencies and one of her friends last week gave her a blanket but with like iron/sand things into it… like its a blanket super big but it looks like it is a blanket of a whole bunch of sand bags with sand in them sewn together. Well… this helped her son to lay down, he said that he liked the blanket better. However something happened that she needed to wash the blanket… so she washed it. And the thing had more weight than me and my companion put together. Lala couldn´t even move the blanket because it was so heavy. We were in another part of our area and hadn´t seen her for a few days and felt that we needed to visit her and her son. She was so relieved to see us. She asked us if we could wash it for her and we said yes… without knowing how stinking heavy this thing was. Honestly its a good thing we were there because if not she probably would have broken her back. She needed to be with her son and so we were there with this blanket and when we saw the blanket honestly we were full of fear!!! We tactfully put it in the sink where you wash clothes… (like the old sinks that I don´t remember what they are called that have lines and the friction helps to clean the clothes) but its built into the sink. So we put the blanket in the sink and started washing it. But because it was so long the way we were washing it when we were washing one side the other was dirty so we finally figured out the way to get the whole blanket washed and clean. We rinsed it until it didn´t feel like there was any more soap there… but then when it came to wringing out the water from the blanket… we were dead. It was sooooooooooooooooooo stinking heavy!!! We were able to get it out little by little but more effective was if I pushed on the material one way and my companion the other to get the water out of the blanket… well in doing this. Our weight because we were putting all of our weight on this blanket and it was super heavy… our weight pushed the sink so that it was kaddywampas… (I don´t remember how to write that… mom… please edit this!!!) We tried pushing it the other way and it wouldn´t budge. Lala also has a line to put her clothes on so that they can dry. So we thought that we could put half of the blanket on the clothes line so that the sink was lighter to push in the other direction to fix the sink. However in doing so… we broke the clothes line. I don´t know if I have ever been so traumatized from doing service in all of my mission/life!!! We were soaking wet and we couldn´t hold the weight of this blanket and we were scared to tell Lala that we broke… practically everything… so we prayed. We prayed so hard!!! After we prayed together and constant prayers in our hearts we were able to put the sink back in place. (To do this… we would have needed at least 2 strong men to do it) But we did it just the two of us!!! So that was an answer to our prayers. We then fixed the clothes line and afterwards tried to figure out a way to dry the blanket.  We put it on 4 blocks of concrete (like the type for making houses) and it was hannging just right and a WHOLE BUNCH of water came out. We then said a prayer in thanks and told Lala that we needed to go but would visit her again the next day. When we went to her house. It was almost dry… ALMOST not completely but ALMOST!!! I know that this doesn´t sound like such a huge miracle but for us it was. The Lord gave us strength… or at least lent us 2 very strong angels to help us out. There is no physical way that we could have done it alone. But we did…. with the Lord´s help. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for helping us and giving us the help that we needed when we needed it most. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and pray when asking in faith. The Lord always listens to our prayers and helps us in the way that we need Him to… we still have to put our own elbow grease in but we are always blessed by His strength. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the face of the earth. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and an instrument in the hands of the Lord to restore His church. This is the church of Jesus Christ. I feel it, I know it without a doubt. I know that miracles exist. There are milliones that we can´t see that the Lord has blessed us with. I know that if we will just be willing to work and be instruments in the hands of the Lord that He will show us the way. I know that the Gospel is true. Thank you for letting me be here and have these very special experiences that the Lord has blessed me with. I know He is blessing you all as well… just look for the little miracles. I hope you all enjoy this 4th of July… eat lots of corn on the cob and cheese cake for me… and watch the fireworks on the edge of you seat for me… por favor!!! I love you and miss you!!! We´ll see ya´ll next week… we have transfers this week so we´ll see where I go or if I stay here!!! Bye!!!


Hermana Ashby


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