December 5th 2016

Okay… this week was super awesome… we had intercambios the whole week!!! I am a little bit tired. But its okay. My companion is super awesome. Shes such a great sport even though I haven´t really seen her all this week. Rosa a new investigator went to church this week. Jazmin couldn´t go 😦 but we´re working hard with them. We taught a new investigator super super cool!! She is the daughter of another investigator. She is cool because when we started teaching her dad she didn´t want anything to do with us because she´s listening to missionaries from another religion. But her dad had a pretty serious surgery and so we weren´t able to teach him but his daughter who is like in her 30s wanted to listen. I was thrown back!!! We were in companion exchanges and I was so stinking excited because the first time she saw us she was a little rude… but it don´t hurt porque we´re super hermanas!!! So ya… but she was super interested in the message. She owns a little store and its always super busy but she closed it for a little while to listen to the message and that almost never happens… so that was super cool!! She couldn´t go to church, nor her dad could go. But we talked to her last night to check to see how they are and she´s reading the book of mormon so we´re super excited!!! My companion was super bummed that she couldn´t be there. I don´t have a ton of time because I have to go to Hermosillo but I hope that you are all great and grand!! I love you all so much!! We are so feeling the prayers. I hope that things are okay with you all and that you are all living the gospel and loving and reading the scriptures. I hope all is well with the christmas tree and everything… I love you all and will talk to you all next week… a lot more… tranquila. I love ya!!!


Hermana Ashby


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