December 19th 2016


Okay… so this week we had a conference with Presidente and it was AWESOME! I learned a ton! I am writing letters to you all and I´m going to be sending them in snail mail with Hermana Robinson so they may get there a little bit late… SO SORRY! But hey… at least I´m writing letters… eh eh?? This week… we found a couple of families super cool actually!!! We had a couple of service projects and its okay because in this time of year in Puerto Peñasco there´s so much tourism that we´ve been knocking doors all day so the service projects were an awesome break… its a little bit cold right now. I know that its nothing compared to what you all have right now… but I´m not used to it… so its cold. Also speaking of cold weather… all of the sister missionaries got sick this week. It was super sad!! So ya… it was fun!! Um…. so I got your package… and I opened it. I´M SORRY BUT I COULDN´T WAIT!!! So ya… my Christmas was on Saturday… when they gave me the package. Thank you so much for sending something for my companion… she can´t receive packages because its super far and it gets here after like 4 months… and almost always people open and take stuff out of the packages. So she says “Thank you so much!!!” Um… well I have other stuff that is going on but really if I tell you all right now we won´t have anything to talk about on skype asi que… LES AMO MUCHO Y NOS VEMOS EN DOMINGO!!! Tomen buenas decisiones, recuerden quien son, que Hermana Ashby les ama mucho y Nuestro Padre Celestial también!  We will see eachother next Sunday at 3 or 3:30ish??? Is that okay?

I have got to go but I love you so much and hope you´re all good and great and grand!!


Hermana Ashby


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