August 8th 2016 Guaymas Barrio Bahía Semana 5


Okay… esta semana…

This week was long… sort of. Or at least yesterday was super long. We had an alert that we couldn´t leave the house because of the UV Rays… did you know they give skin cancer? So… we studied… for 8 hours… super fun!! But what was more fun was when we finally got to go OUTSIDE!!! (That´s from a movie… not quite sure which but its from a movie) Wooojoooo!!!! So last week I was with Hermana Sotelo until Thursday night when she was released as being a missionary 😥😥 and Hermana Ayon was set apart to be a missionary for 2 1-2 weeks and as my companion 🙌👏😁😀!! So it has been an interesting life these past 5 semanas. SUPER WEIRD!!! We have been searching all this time for new investigadores. Its been a blast!! Summer blast! A lot of people are gone for vacation or are going out of town so its been a little bit difficult but we´re having fun contacting people!!! My companions are learning a lot… a little bit tired… but learning super quickly!! I´m having fun watching them grow. There have been a lot of changes in the mission with the way that we are working so we put an cita and if they are not there or the cita falls we go and contact people!! I honestly love to see them change tan rapidly. It just goes to show that the mission really does change people… there is something different. I love to be here and really live the gospel. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here. I know that things are changing… A LOT there at home and even though I miss you guys I hope that you are also seeing the blessings that the Lord has in store for us. I know that the gospel is true and even though the heat is SUPER SUPER SUPER STRONG… (FYI I will be coming home with skin cancer I´m sure… it shows up in 30 años… so 29) I know that there are people waiting for the gospel. I know there are always people looking to our examples… people that are waiting for the blessings in their lives that sometimes we take for granted. I am grateful to have you my family. I am grateful to have the gospel in my life… thanks to the gospel I know who I am and who everyone else is as well. I am here to serve my Heavenly Father… because I love Him I am here to help my brothers and sisters here in Sonora to know of their potential and invite them to participate in the fullness of the gospel to receive all the blessings He has in store for them. Thank you as always for letting me be here… sorry if my letters are short… but honestly it takes me an hour and a half to remember how to write… so SORRY!!! But I love you all!!! Be good and make right choices!!!

Hermana Ashby

P.S. Colton, Michaela and Aaron… Repent all ye!!! AND WRITE YOUR BIG SISTER ABOUT YOUR LIVES!!! I love to hear from you… I love you all!!!


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