August 29th 2016 Guaymas Barrio Bahía Semana 8


Hello familia!!!

Well this week was super awesome we found a ton of people and more than half of them said they would come to church this week… they didn´t but that´s okay!!! Happy Birthday Grandma !! Did you know that there is a Grandparent´s day?? HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY!!!! Ya… so not many people went to church because they were in fiestas todo el día!!! Sad day. But the new people we found are so stinking cool that I am too excited to be sad. But we were sad when no one came to church. However I am learning a lot with my companion. She is rather new but is super wise… she has a “wise soul” I think you say that… right? But it really has been super super cool!!! We found people that had questions about the Bible and want to know something that I love about the Bible is that is supports the Book of Mormon and the Boook of Mormon for the Bible. Its always interesting to see the attitude of people change when they recognize the truth. The gospel honestly makes sense. We just need to have the patience to see the relacions between the truths. (I hope that makes sense!!) We also will be having a visit from the Area Seventy this week so we will be going to Hermosillo to a conference with him. I´m super excited!!! We have also had so many blessings this week that I don´t really have time to share… maybe I should start writing in my journal… sorry for being terrible at writing. I think I´m going to write actual letters because that seems to be easier. But… ya! That´s all!! I hope that all is well and that the Lord is blessing you all!! I know that the gospel is true and that blessings are coming if we will just be patient and work with the Lord, He will help us… with EVERYTHING that we have!!! There is such a peace from the gospel. I know that to be true. I love you all!!! Be good and make right choices!!!


Hermana Ashby


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