August 22nd 2016 Guaymas Barrio Bahía Semana 7


Hola hermosa familia mia!!!

Bueno… I have a new compañera. Her name is Hermana Ruiz. #Drumrollplease

Favorite color: Blue

From: Ecuador

Favorite Scripture: Mosíah 12:21

Time in the Mission: 4 Meses

Birthday: 27 July

Tiempo al ser miembro: 4 años

Favorite Profet: Gordon B. Hinckley

People in her family: 5 (she is the middle child)

Pets: Cat, 2 dogs


So… ya…. thats what is new. No one has gone to church of our investigators!! Its super sad! The church is in our area. But we have been working super hard so that they could come! This is our greatest challenge right now. We are teaching people. We put in a baptismal date and then it falls through because they didn´t go to church on sunday. I have to go right now because the internet guy is yelling at me. But I will write a lot earlier next week with lots of stories to share I´m sure… they wiped out our whole zone… only 3 of us stayed here… so we will be getting to know a bunch of people!!! #funfun!! I love you!!! Good luck with football, beauty school, work and singles ward… hahaha!! Que feo!! I love you all!!!


Hermana Ashby



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