August 1st 2016 Guaymas Barrio Bahía Semana 4


Okay… well this week went by super duper fast!!! Seriously though!!!

This week we changed houses… we fasted after having more and more trials with the house where we were living in and the Assistents came to see us on Tuesday. They told us to change houses and in Thursday we had interviews with Presidente Robinson and he told us to change houses ASAP. So we fasted and found a house the same day. SUPER COOL!!! Pretty much everything we needed the Lord gave us. We felt… feel super blessed!! So on Friday we were packing and walking back and forth from our old house to our new house… its like 5 houses down from where we were living… and its so stinking pretty!!! I LOVE IT!!! We were super stoked! So ya… that happened. And we kind of left in the middle of packing so that we could go to our appointments but we didn´t really find a ton of people. However we feel better because now that the house is almost good… we just need a fridge… y YA!! We can now actually completely focus on the people and in the work.  So now that that burden has been lifted… we´re good to go!! My companion is super cute!! Always ready to work I love it!!! Poor thing… her feet are kind of killing her but she´s fighting with faith. Pressing forward with faith… So ya… How´s everyone over there at home? I´m glad to hear that Grandpa is feeling better… but seriously he needs to LOVE therapy because it´ll help him to be healthy… and happier. I hope that you are all okay. Glad to hear that everyone is working and enjoying it… and Aaron. CONGRATS WITH FOOTBALL!! I hope you do well…Um… Grandma and Grandpa I love you and am super happy that you´re doing well. Mom… be patient with everything… I know that the Lord is blessing you for you strength and efforts. I know because these past 3-4 weeks have been SUPER HARD!!! HARDER THAN ANYTHING IN MY MISSION AS OF YET!!! (But I am completely enjoying it and if there are more opportunities to learn patience well I guess thats good as well) but seriously. Finally with this new house I feel like we´re reaping the rewards of our efforts. I am so stinking tired… but I know that the Church is true. I know that everyone of us has many hard things we have to do in this world. I also know that throught the Atonement of Jesus Christ that there is no hardship too tiring or burden too heavy. Thanks to our loving Father in Heaven we will be okay… always. So be patient… the good times are coming… maybe more when your daughter returns from her mission in February… but… they will come!!! I love you all more than ever. Telll the boys that I want to hear how life is… they are now strangers. Colton wants overtime and Aaron is in football??? I never would have guessed. But thank you for all you do… everyone!!! Thank you for the prayers you have shared and for your strength. I love you!!! BE GOOD AND MAKE RIGHT CHOICES!!!

Hermana Ashby



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