April 25th 2016

Hola mi hermosa familia!!!
This week was fantastic! We had a lot of councils with the members… here in this ward there are a ton of members!!! Its really quite fun. We have received lots of references and have received a lot of help from them. I love the words of the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley when he said,

“So many of us look upon missionary work as simply tracting. Everyone who is familiar with this work knows there is a better way. That way is through the members of the Church. Whenever there is a member who introduces an investigator, there is an immediate support system. The member bears testimony of the truth of the work. He is anxious for the happiness of his investigator friend. He becomes excited as that friend makes progress in learning the gospel.

The full-time missionaries may do the actual teaching, but the member, wherever possible, will back up that teaching with the offering of his home to carry on this missionary service. He will bear sincere testimony of the divinity of the work. He will be there to answer questions when the missionaries are not around. He will be a friend to the convert who is making a big and often difficult change.

The gospel is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something to be proud of. “Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord,” wrote Paul to Timothy (2 Tim. 1:8). Opportunities for sharing the gospel are everywhere.”

It is so true!!! We have a few investigators that really… we are just teaching, we also have their trust however… with the members there is a stronger link. Missionaries… sad but true… we come and go every 6 weeks, however the members… stay. They stay there and they are the support system. We work a ton with finding people. However this week I have learned that members are often the better missionaries. Us as members have a responsibility to teach and share the gospel. The Lord is preparing many many people… our friends and family. Sometimes we are also His hands. We are the way to help them find the true and living restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We had some really cool expieriences this week with the members and they´re help in the lessons… honestly some of the lessons that I have felt the Spirit so stinking strong I wanted to cry. The testimonies that we have touches others. Entonces… this week I have a challenge for you all…. (I LOVE CHALLENGES!!) Think of someone that you could possibly share the gospel with, you don´t have to give them a 30 minute lesson on the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith, but can testify of our Savior Jesus Christ… a little bit of our testimony. Its really not a grand show… its loving our friends and family and wanting to share the joy of the gospel with others. Its simple… we invite them to activites and to church and to see and participate in the things that give us joy. That is what we do with people whome we truly love!!! This is the challenge that I have for you all… and once you have done that talk with the missionaries and they´ll help you out!!! 🙂 I am truly learning a lot with Hermana Lam… (thank you mom for the new shoes… they don´t look new… but they feel like it!!!) We are working a lot on finding more and more people to teach. I seriously love this area. To make things better… we also have water, taco, pizza and churros on the corner of our house!!! Everything you need to be happy–along with eternal life of course! Chiste… chiste… but I love it here. I am tired but I love it. People to pray for…
Ibeth and her family

David and his family

Familia Garcia

Manuelita and her family

Maricella and her family

Guadalupe and Fernanda




Thank you for all that you have done for me!!! I love you all and wish you the best. I hope that you are all being blessed from this amazing gospel. Truly no other greater blessing have I received in my life more than through this gospel. I love it and am living it for this time. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope all is well with family… I love you all and am praying that the Lord blesses you with His needs for us. See ya next week!!!! LOVE YA!!!
Hermana Ashby


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