April 18th 2016

Okay sorry this week I also don´t have a ton of time to write right now… but today we had TRANSFERS!!! WHOOOO!!!! Its so stinking sad to leave Satélite… but I´m still super close!!! I´m here in Hermosillo but in the area Misiones. 🙂

New Companion: Hermana Lam

Favorite Color: Yellow

Place of Birth: Salvador

Age: 20 years

Time in the mission: 13 months… “HASTA VER… HASTA VER!!!!” …jijiji… chiste


We are going to have a blast and the area seems so stinking cool!!!! I can´t wait to get to work!!! The only thing that we have done today was transfer back and forth waiting and staying with people that were going to be leaving the city and going to other areas… so that was kind of fun??? …only a little bit. But then today we went to eat tacos and then went to get food… one thing that was fun today was that I lost the phone… but then we found it again!!! YAY!!! Let the fun times begin!!! WHOOO HOO!!!! I am so glad to be here. She is super cool and I think I´ll be learning a lot!!! Love you all… please write me… (siblings) I miss you all!!! I hope all is well with you up there where its probably nice and cool… here we are starting only a little bit to get a little toasty… can´t wait for more!!! BRING IT ON!!!

Until next week…

Con amor,

HErmana Ashby


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