Week 17 in Satélite Hermosillo!!!

Okay… I don´t know how long I´ve been here… that´s kind of sad… its my 3rd transfer 5th week we´ll just say that.

This week was great! Did you know that practically everyone goes to the beach when it is Easter here in México?? I didn´t either. But we had fun. We took pictures in the street where normally there´s all kinds of traffic and honking of horns and stuff and this weekend was complete bliss. It was a little creepy… so we knocked on a TON OF DOORS!!! In weeks and transfers past we knocked lots but I really think this week was a thousand or so… hahahaha!!! just kidding… but at least a couple hundred. We had 6 new investigators that resulted from this. BOOM!!! Easter weekend and we´re completely enjoying our Easter Sunday with new people!!! WHOOOHOOO!!! I really liked it. We were completely wiped out it was hilarious.

For all of you who watched the women´s conference this week wasn´t it good!!! I learned alot more about love and service for otras a ton this week!!! Me and my companion also taught the Relief Society class this week on the talk from Octubre last year from Elder Montoya (I don´t really know what its called in English) but… IT WAS SUPER GOOD!!! It was about trials and tests that will come but the Lord blesses us on our way through the gospel. We know the answer to our tests is in the gospel… sometimes its a little bit hard to accept it but we know where to look. But in this talk he talked about helping others to find as well where to look and find the answers and comfort needed. He tells us of our responsibilites as members and as persons blessed with the knowledge… I´d like to share them with ya´ll.
1) Walk the second mile
2) SMILE!!!
3) Give compasion to others
4) Invite others to come to church
Walk the second mile… be with others and help them in their times of grief… we can even sacrifice the time we have to help others. I liked the temple example he gave about a mam who sacrificed his time in the temple for a couple to be sealed together for time and all eternity. HOW COOL!!!
Smile!!! I´ve seen this change a lot of people´s days here in the mission. When we are walking down the street and smiling sometimes people ask us why we are so happy and truthfully it makes contacting a whole lot easier. We never know when someone is having a bad day but we can be the change in their day through our smiles.
Compassion… although we can never understand exactly what another person feels or is feeling or has felt we can show compassion to them in their time of need and just like the first step we can be there for them. He talked about the Priesthood and their responsiblitites to teach and comfort others. I liked that… sometimes I wish I had the Priesthood but then I realize that its not for them… but for all of us. To have the priesthood is to be selfless. I think its better for the men to have the priesthood.
And as well to invite others to come to church… we do not realize the burdens that others have or what they need. However the Savior does. He felt it all. Through His atonement we can feel more of His love IF we apply it to our lives. There are few other places that I can go or have gone to where I have felt the Spirit and the Savior really lift my burdens. For this reason we need to invite others to go to church … we need to go to church. I cannot go for much time with all of the burdens which I have everyday… I need to relieve them. I allow the Savior to do this when I go to church and I do MY part. I know that the Saviour can bless our lives… if we let Him. I know He can take our temptations, our trials and sadness if we let Him. I know that Jesus Christ is My Redeemer, I know His sacrifice was not for nothing… because I am applying it, I hope and pray that each and every one of us can truly apply the Atonement in our lives every day and change. President Robinson tells us every time he teaches us that the invitation of the missionaries of repentance is of Jesus Christ… not of the missionaries, and the message which we bring… which HE has offered us is to change. How cool is that???? This time of year with Easter we celebrate the Savior– Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us as well as His resurrección. We also have the opportunity this week to listen to the prophet and apostles. Prophet and apostles of Him– Jesus Christ. I hope that all that can will go and listen toconference this week and will apply in their lives what they learn. Listen with a question in your mind and prayer in your heart and the Lord will help you in all that you have. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and for the joy that I have seen in the eyes of those that truly apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Thank you as always to all that are helping my family and allowing me and helping me to be here. The Lord truly is blessing us.
With so much love for you all up there in Idaho… and Utah and Wyoming and everywhere else…
Hermana Ashby
P.S. Thanks mom for you letter and your love… I´m glad that you are learning so much… thanks for you scripture study comments. I LOVE IT!!!I hope that all is well with Colton, Michaela and Aaron… Grandma and Grandpa too. I hope you all know how much I love you so very much. Say hello to the family, friends and ward  for me!!! LOVE YA!!!

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