Hermosillo en Satelite 2/1/2016

Hola mi hermosa familia!!!

Well… nothing much has happened to tell you the truth. We went to the temple and that was good. I got the last part completely correct in spanish!!! I was sooooo proud of myself!!! The first time I needed a little bit of help but this time was better. We also found a new investigator who is seriously super cool!!! Her name is Vivi. She is the daughter of less active member who we have been visiting. She sincerely has been prepared by the Lord. We asked her in the first lesson to come to church with us. She told us that she can´t becuse she has to work on Sundays but if she didn´t have to work she would go. We promised her that the Lord will bless her with other opportunities if she would just look. It was so cool because the next day she met a new person that told her about some new job opportunities in the area and that she would have Saturdy nd Sunday off. IT WAS SOO COOL!!! THE NEXT DAY!!! We were so sure of ourselves, not quite sure why. But I knew that the Lord would help her get a new job. We also moved chapels this week because our needs construction. We aren´t quite sure why… because its a pretty good looking chapel. However we are now meeting in another chpel that is  little bit further away than normal. We also are meeting at 3-6 pm. It was super interesting because absolutely no one from our area went to church yesterday. We were doing so good too. We had a lot of the less actives going to church and our investigtors too. But yesterday was a little bit depressing. However we are not giving up. This means that Hermana Abanto and I won´t be having any baptisms together, however we have been working like crazy in this area. We are not going to give up. We are going to be walking all of our area this week so we cn find other colonias that are private residences. Thats kind of the hard part about this area is tht its a whole bunch of private residences. We´ve only been working in 2 areas that we knew weren´t private. However the two areas people have been working there for so long that pretty much everyone else has heard the gospel discussions and don´t want to progress. So we are starting something new!!! I´m always one for making new traditions right? 🤔 I feel good about this though. I think the Lord will answer our prayers. We just need to have a few new blisters to prove our dedication and faith. I´ve been learning a lot about faith these last few weeks. President and Sister Robinson gave us a book thats called “Invocndo los Poderes Celestiales” written by Grant Von Harrison. I´m not quite sure what its called in english… possibly “Invoking Heavenly Powers”??? I don´t know…. BUT IT IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! I invite all of you  guys to read it. I thought I had faith here in the mission field, but the more I read it the more I recognize I don´t have much faith and what faith really is. Its kind of like “The Miracle of Forgiveness” you know as you read it more and more and no important if you have small sins or grand sins that you feel like you are one of the most horrible humans on the planet??? ITS LIKE THAT!!! ONLY ABOUT FAITH!!! Its really good…

Anyways… we are working super duper hard, we have plans to change this area. Hopefully with  a little bit of faith, prayer and elbow grease we can chnge things around here. This is my prayer for this week.

What I learned:

Faith is more than just believing without seeing

When we ask… He listens

We always need to change and progress

Sometimes we need trials so that we can comprehend the need to change.


I love you all!!!

Hope everything is great!!!

I pray for you daily…and nightly… and in lessons… and when blessing food!!! LOVE  YA LOTS!! 😍😄😘


Hermana Ashby



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