Hermosillo en Satelite 1/4/2016

Well… another week that went by super stinking fast!!!

Firstly I love my companion so stinking much!!! She is such a champ. This week was a little bit difficult in finding people because TONS of people left town or were having a party or getting ready for one. Also was a little bit difficult. Mexico is SUPER fun for New Year´s Eve and Day. We also had a lesson with Pati the investigator that wants to go to the temple. She is struggling a little bit right now. We are praying so hard and trying to help her but sometimes its difficult because she isn´t really talking to us how she used to. Something changed and we´re not quite sure what. So if you would… pray for her. She is super awesome and her family too.

We also have another investigator Alejandra and her husband. They are also really cool. She is reading the Book of Mormon and told us she feels it is true. We are going to teach her a little bit more frequently. Its just kind of hard because she leaves town like all the time!! I swear… tons of those that are ready for the Gospel, Satan works soooooooooooooo stinking hard to put obstacles in their way. However the missionaries are stronger!!! If we are faithful we can conquer all that we are faced with.

I know this church is true. Sorry I don´t have a ton of time. I´´ll write next week more about what happened. Love you!!!


Hermana Ashby


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