Hermosillo en Satelite 1/25/2016

Well, this week I learned a ton!!!

We worked our tails off this week!!! We had transfers and we have a newbie with Hermana Martin. She´s cool. We contacted a ton of buses… the first 2 were a little bit scary… but after those the others were a piece of cake. We had to stop visiting a couple of our investigators because they weren’t progressing and that always stinks because you get really attached to the people here. It was interesting because we talked with two of them as to why we couldn´t visit anymore. They were really understanding but one of them the wife started to cry. She knows that all of these teachings and the gospel of Jesus Christ is true but her husband doesn´t want us to continue teaching them. So that one was pretty difficult. And to make matters more fun, we stopped and talked with 3 of the people in one day!!! It was so sad. I am not quite sure if I´ve had that much of an emotional rollercoaster in the mission thus far. Hermana Abanto and I were pretty bummed because well… we had just stopped with 3 people and were really really sad. We were walking around The Manga… its a part of our area that is pretty abandoned. We had no idea what we needed to do. I think we walked around for probably 30 min in complete silence. After this time we sat down because there was not anyone in the street it was a little bit hot and we didn´t have any water or anything. So we sat down and said a little prayer because we knew that we needed to find someone in this area. Because all 6 of the people that we were stopping lived in this area, leaving us with only 2 others to teach (I´m not quite sure if that makes sense). So we wanted to have another person in this area to make it easier and we prayed in this moment to find someone that had specific needs of the gospel. After we were done we walked for another 20 min and felt that we should knock on 2 doors specifically. The first was a huge slap in the face! This lady came out and had a whole bunch of naughty words to say to us… and I didn´t understand half of them but I know they were bad because the face of my companion changed after each one. So we were even more sad at this point. Finally we started talking and speaking and sharing what we learned in our personal study that morning because we had a zone conference to go to so we weren´t able to do companionship study. I studied Alma 32 and she studied 3rd Nefi 27. In 3rd Nefi 27, Christ is talking and is telling us what kind of people we should be, His answer was– “Even as I am.” In other words perfect. We started talking about this and about trials and why we have them and truth be told it was a pretty deep conversation in Spanish (Mom… you should be proud. Because I am!!!) We then started talking about humility. Why we think we need humility and trials and difficulties, well the answer is in the first part of Alma 32!!! We need difficulties so that the Lord can bless us and we can progress in our understanding of the gospel. It was so good!!!! Our studies were so in sync it was AWESOME!!! Anyways, we learned a lot. I know that the Lord is there for us when we need Him and even when we don´t. I know that the trials that we have are all so that we can learn and live better. So that we can have more experiences and differentiate between the good and the bad. I know that the world is a whole lot different than the mission. However this gospel can be applied to every situation and every trial and temptation. I know that the Savior lives, He is our Redeemer, He loves us and Atoned for us. We truly are sons and daughters of a Father in Heaven. He loves us and wishes for our happiness in this world.

I love you all so much.

Hermana Ashby


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