Hermosillo en Satelite 12/14/2015

Saludos mi familia!!

Well, this week went by super fast!!! We have been looking for new investigators and found 4 different people. They are super super cool!! One of them is super spiritual and talked to the misisonaries before and wants to be baptized but doesn´t have parent´s permission. Entonces… we are going to be working with her mom also!! She has a testimony seriously super strong and reads The Book of Mormon every day! When she shared her testimony with us, we started to cry. It was so spiritual. She wants with all her heart to be baptized. She knows that this is true, and although we just met her, our hearts ache because she can´t participate in the joy and peace and blessings that we have as members of this gospel. However she can participate in the joy and peace when she reads the scriptures. This is what I have been learning about this week. The power of scriptures. We teach about the Restoration (I think that´s how you spell that) in the first lesson and its amazing to see the reactions of people when we tell them that our Heavenly Father has given us more scripture for our learning and joy in this life. When we return in the second lesson and the people that have read bits of the book… they´re reactions are even better. They feel the Spirit and the love that Heavenly Father has for us. We find those feelings through the scriptures and through earnestly praying to our Father in Heaven. He is literally our Father, and He answers us— siempre. We have been learning a lot this week. We also went to the Dedication for the Temple in Tijuana. I love President Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks. I seriously learned so much. We are blessed with so many things in our lives. Things I think I took for granted for before. But I love this work and am so grateful for my Father in Heaven for teaching me and helping me in learning these lessons through this mission. I love the people here. They are definately different from Caborca… we are in the city now. But I feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for the people that we teach and its another testimony builder for me that this truly is the Church of Jesus Christ. He is the head and we are the instruments in His hands. A lot more has happened but I don´t have a ton of time… as usual. But I love you all and hope all is well with Grandpa and Grandma and all of you. Say your prayers… remember who you are… BE GOOD… MAKE RIGHT CHOICES… and remember Hermana Ashby LOVES YOU!!!

With love more than I can describe for you my dear sweet family, (and a head that´s hurting a bit with my Spanglish–sorry!)


Hermana Ashby


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