Transferred to Hermosillo en Satelite 12/7/2015

Hola mi familia!!

¿Como estan? Well a lot has happened this week. We found 2 new investigators that are super super cool!!! Familia García they are seriously soooo cool. Before we started the lesson the Dad of the family said that we could talk and afterwards that it was his turn. At first I was a little nervous because of his tone, but we stayed calm. I am not quite sure if I´ve ever said as many prayers in one lesson as I did in that one. We talked about the Restauración and Joseph Smith, prophets and the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was sosooooooo strong! At the end we asked if they had any questions and the Dad said… “No… thank you, thank you very much.” He was crying the whole time. When the Spirit is super super strong… we leave the lessons so that the Spirit can testify. However the dad didn´t want us to leave he got up and followed us to the door and practically pleaded for us to return soon. IT WAS SOOOOO COOL!!! And just in time too… because after this lesson with these awesome folks… I have been transferred to Hermosillo en Satelite. But its okay, I know that the new missionaries in the area will take care of them. Hermana García is now in Nogales… where there is snow!!! Oh I hope she loves it!!! We also took a ton of photos with members and investigators to say goodbye. It was really really sad. I have more photos but I´ll only send a few…

Anyways… Hermosillo is way way way different from Caborca! I also have a new companion. Her name is Hermana Abanto, she is from Peru and is so stinking funny and sweet. I love her already. Our area here is seriously way different as well. I think that the ward boundaries are as big as the town of Caborca… pretty sure actually. But I feel pretty good about being here. One of the members in Caborca is from here actually… I´m in her home ward. How cool huh?? Also the members here are already really welcoming. I love it! I don´t have much time because we´re a little late because of transfers… but I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I love the mission, the good and the bad parts. Thank you so much for letting me have this opportunity to serve the Lord. I hope and pray that all is well and that my being here you are receiving some sort of blessings.


With much love,

Hermana Ashby


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