Caborca Senora Mexico 11/3/2015

¡Hola a Todos!

How ya`ll doing? It has been such a busy week!! We went to Hermosillo for my 6 semanas. Officially I am halfway done with my training. How weird is that??? Its been kind of a long week we`ve had a ton of lessons and a ton of citas!!! I LOVE CITAS!! It is so much easier. We also had one of our inactivos come to church on Sunday!!! YAY!!! We were so excited especially because here lots and lots of people are inactive. We got a new list of members and everything and the reality is that if half of the people came that were inactive in our area alone that there would be enough people for a whole ward instead of a Branch. So we are working a lot on reactivating the inactives!!! Its interesting to see why other people joined the church and what happened in their testimonies that they fell away or felt that it wasn`t important to go to church or partake of the Sacrament and the blessings that the Gospel brings our families. This is what I have been learning this week.

Its interesting to talk with people and ask them why they don`t go to church or what happened that they fell away. The reality is its usually small things that happen or that they have questions about and never asked anyone– especially Heavenly Father. `Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith` I think thats the quote… from Dieter F. Uchtdorf. When we have questions about something or don`t know what something means and don`t know where to look… ASK!!! Ask Heavenly Father in prayer, study the scriptures and search Conference talks. We are so blessed because we have the fullness of the Gospel on the earth today. Because of this we have the abilitiy and knowledge of receiving revelation both personally and directly from Prophets. We`re meeting and trying really hard to help these people gain a testimony of this gospel, praying always and fasting a ton. It is so important that we personally as members and nonmembers of this church to Search for ourselves and ask Heavenly Father that these things are true and have faith that we can know that these things are true. Learning and praying always.

I don`t have a ton of time because of Halloween no internet places were open for the first little bit of November but I love you all and hope and pray for you. Remember to search the scriptures and study a talk from conference every week!!!

Con mucho Amor,

Hermana Ashby


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