Caborca Senora Mexico 11/16/2015

Investigators are all new… we are trying this new teaching model this week. I absolutely love President and Sister Robinson!  We had interviews again this past week and he has asked us to try a new way of teaching. Its basically this… rather than teaching little messages (because its hard to see a lot of progression) we are going to teach full lessons in the first 3 visits, challenge baptism on the 2nd and have a date of baptism on the 3rd. Its going to be really really interesting but I think it´ll be good!!! Our investigators, we have 3 that I think can do it, they know it just haven´t recognized that they know it yet. (MarcoAntonio, Carmen and Juanita). They feel that they need to “know it all” before baptism. But its important that we remember that this is a….. PROCESS NOT AN EVENT!!! There is a certain beauty to the gospel that we are never done learning. Those that are 80 years old still have their opportunities for learning more of the gospel. Heavenly Father is so kind and allows us to have the blessings of baptism without us knowing everything. The only things we need to have are faith in Jesus Christ and repent of our wrongdoings. We are held accountable only for what we know. This is what we are going to be teaching a lot of this week!!! Wish us luck! Also this weekend I got DENGUE FEVER! It is terrible. That is how I am feeling. It is awesome. Friday I had a fever of 103 F, Saturday only a migraine and my throut hurt and then Sunday my eyes hurt to look to the sides, super weak, terrible taste in my mouth, migraine and more! It’s awesome. After church I went home and slept… and today I slept. I am feeling a little bit better now but dengue is not much fun. Other than that mom I am just fine! Really though, I am perfectly fine. I am acclimating muy bien! I love the food here! I love the people. Its not hot right now… in fact its like home in October around Halloween. It rained last night. Its about 60 degrees??? I’m guessing… I have no idea. We have 2 more weeks together, me and mi mama!!! I am so sad… She is super sweet and very Christ-like. I miss you guys too… and the snow… any pictures of the snow? or you all?? Please?


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