Caborca Week 6


This week has truly been crazy! Firstly after writing en Lunes last week en the night we found 2 cockroaches!!! Entonces… my companion thought it would be smart to spray them with cockroach spray in the night. We sprayed the whole house with the spray that is meant for outside… we couldn´t breathe. We did all of our planning and everything outside where I got eaten alive by mosquitos! It was either let them eat me or die!!! I´ll send pics… my legs are really really really bad!!
PTDC0162 PTDC0160
Pero, last night was really cool because we were in the middle of a lesson with one of our investigators when her family came in that is living in another area. We invited them to baptism and they accepted!! The Spirit was seriously so strong!!! The family is in los elderes de la zona… so they have new investigators!!! So cool RIGHT???? We had a zone conference with Presidente Robinson this week also. IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!! I learned a ton! The Lord is seriously so so kind to us. We had a fast as a mission this week also and I think that had to do with the awesome lesson yesterday also. I´m learning of patience and obedience this week. It´s interesting because I was searching for scriptures about obedience and found one in 1 Samuel 15:22… ¨Behold to obey is better than sacrifice¨ I thought this was interesting and have been thinking about this a lot! Sacrifice is good but without purpose there is well… no purpose. Obedience sometimes entails sacrifice but obedience is better and brings more blessings. The Sprit is much more strong with us and can testify for our safety, give peace and comfort and we can receive answers to our questions if we are obedient to the commandments. I love this sooo much!!! I am so grateful for you and for your thoughts and prayers. Mom if you could ya please send me the talks because I don´t have a ton of time!!! I loved conference and Dallin H. Oaks tambien!!! I miss you guys so much but I really do love this work! I´m sorry not a ton of information… the pictures are the rice I told you about last week, and the others are my legs and one of us waiting outside for 2 hours.

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