Week 1 Caborca Senora Mexico September 21st-25th 2015

Hey Family!!!

This week has been a little bit crazy here in Caborca. It is seriously really really different in terms of weather here from home and Ciudad de Mexico!! The Spirit is strong and I seriously love my companion!! While I have been sick and other stuff going on she has been right by my side helping me with the language and teaching… todo! She truly is a godsend!

We have 3 progressing investigators here… there are many inactivos and menos activos aqui en Caborca. Entonces, we work a lot with trying to reactivate them and visiting them. I love the people here soooo much! They are truly genuine and open hearted. They share their true feelings and when things are tough or they don’t understand they let you know. They are also verrrrrrrryyyyyyy patient with me and learning the language. Which is SUPER nice because I do not know Spanish. Although I feel like I’m slowly understanding the ideas in conversation that my companion has with many people and every once in a while I can chime in with my two cents… however small my thoughts are. I was so excited because 4 of the families that we visited came to church yesterday!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It truly is exciting to see the change of someon’s life just from visiting them day to day and see the little tender mercies from our Savior in our lives. I love this experience. This week I have probably felt the hand of the Savior in my life more than ever before. I am so grateful for Him and His example. He has felt every pain and heartache that each of us has, He knows us personally. Our task is coming to know Him personally.
I am so excited because we have one of our progressing investigators baptismal date coming here really really soon. I hope and pray he will be ready. Pray for Armando!!! Por Favor!!!
Things are well besides this, we bought bicycles last week and mine got a flat the first day. Today however we bought a new tube for the tire because where the airee goes in it had a hole, we will see if it works!!!
Not quite sure what else to write, but one thing I have learned a lot about these past couple weeks has been about faith. It is sooo important to exercise faith. An investigator asked me “how do I obtain faith????” I probably taught this principle in the wrong way, but I think its just a leap. A wish, a hope that whatever we have going on in our lives that it can be taken care of and be perfected through Christ. I’m not quite sure how we can “obtain” faith but I know that we need to start trusting the Lord. We start with prayer. We start with asking questions and searching for answers. We ACT! We will not receive a witness until after we exercise faith (Ether 12:6) if we hope for a miracle without acting we cannot receive answers (Ether 12:12). I am so grateful for this oportunity to serve the Lord and get to love the people here in Sonora! I truly do love this work!
Please prepare yourselves this week for conference! I know it will be the best! Plus, we are receiving 3 new apostoles!! While I am very sad at the three’s passing, I know that the Lord calls people for this particular time. I cannot wait to receive revelation at Conference this week (even though I won’t understand half of it because its in Spanish!)
Thank you for all you do! Keep strong in the faith!
With much love,
Hermana Ashby

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