First Area: CABORCA

I am in Caborca one of the most hottest missions in the Hermosillo mission which was already known for being muy calor. Caborca MexicoThe plane ride over to Hermosillo was not very long but we got up 10 min before we had to be at recepcion. Me and Hna Neff were in a huge hurry!!! We made it and were off to the airporte. It was so nice to talk to you mom even though it was for a little while and I didn’t quite know what to say. It was so nice to hear your voice. We arrived at Hermosillo and right as you walk off the plane you could feel the humidity because it ws kind of heavy. I know it gets worse but it was a definite change from Ciudad de Mexico! After a little meeting thing I said goodbye to Hermana Neff and then we were off to Caborca where I am now. It was a 5 hour bus ride and we had to pull over to check our bags about 2 hours in. You know all the shampoo and other liquids I had in my bag? They thought all that was alcohol! So that was fun!! We got to Caborca about 7 at night and then planned, studied and then went to bed. Mi companera es Hna. Garcia y she is from Ciudad de Mexico! Since I don’t know very much spanish I am so glad she is my companion because she is very patient with me. This morning we went to 2 wrong places for investagtors houses and were super late to a members house for lunch so we took a taxi who took us to another wrong place. I’m not going to lie I was sooooo tired and sad because it is hot, I don’t speak the language and I don’t know the area. Since we missed lunch with the member we went to a little place that sells tacos and horchata (yummy!) We decided to sit in front of a huge fan which basically airs out all the sweat in one setting because its so big and I am sweating a lot!! It is 104-107 degrees farenheight right now and it was even hotter in Agosto. After we were almost done eating the owner came over to tell me she likes my eyes. (Apparently its really suave to have blue eyes here) anyways we talked to her and gave her a passalong card and pamphlet and our information. She said she would read it so we’ll see what happens but I’m praying something comes out of it. That talk made things so much better!!! Not much has happened besides that. Can’t wait to hear from you all… from now on P-days will be on Mondays.

I love you all!!!
Con Amor,

Hermana Ashby


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