The Last Week in the CCM

¡Hola mi familia! ¡Cómo estan?

This last week has flown by so stinking fast!!! We are so ready for the field!! Not necessarily because we know spanish… because WE DON´T but because we are so ready to serve!! Um… I have no idea what has happened this week… we moved buildings which was sad. DSCN0094[1] DSCN0093[1] DSCN0067[1]
We had the most perfect view of the palm trees and noisy parrots which was awesome and at night you could see the sunset hit the houses and it was muy bonita!!! But now our building has a view of another building… however when we get tired and need to take a break, the birds outside go crazy and fly as if they were all in a never ending race twisting and turning and one time even ran into one another. So that´s entertaining! Our schedule is literally the same every day except for Tuesdays because of service projects. I´m sure that if you were all here we´d have loads to talk about but I just can´t really think right now!! We got a new district in the zone last week and they are so much fun!! They are very humble and love talking about the gospel. On fast sunday this week their whole district got up and bore their testimonies in Spanish!!! DSCN0085[1]Some of them speak better Spanish than we do and we leave in less than a week!!! We have been talking a lot about what we´ve learned here en la CCM and its interesting to see what everyone´s thoughts are. DSCN0078[1]After Devos on Sundays and Tuesdays we do a thing called Scripture Roulette where we basically just bounce back and forth between each other with scriptures and thoughts about devotionals and videos. Last night though it was just us and it was so good!!
This week there has been a lot of talk about obedience to the commandments– specifically prayer. There was a devotional on Sunday that was from Élder Richard G. Scott, April 2013 and talked about prayer. When he started saying he was going to talk about prayer I was a little let down because I feel like a lot of times the same things are said; however by the end of the devocional I had 4 pages worth of notes in my journal!! He talked a lot about the 3 ways prayers are answered:
1) You feel peace that your decision is right or receive confirmation of your question
2) You sense a stupor of thought
3) You feel nothing at all, no response
Its kind of funny because as we´ve been teaching people (we taught 6 this week) its been interesting because as we pray to know what we need to talk about sometimes we don´t quite know. Sometimes an investigator or inactive member will say something and we have no idea how to answer them. The day after the devotional with Richard G. Scott we had one of our investigators who is an actual investigator ask about prayer and how she feels her prayers are sometimes not answered or she feels no response as Élder Scott said. We told her what he said in the talk. Sometimes the Lord just wants us to act with faith. While we must go to Him in everything we do, however we still need to act. We cannot sit passively waiting in our lives for an answer because nothing would ever get done! We must act. We have our agency. We must choose righteously and the Lord will bless us. Sometimes we don´t recognize His will vs. our own. We must learn His will and pray for the ability to recognize and act upon it. President David O. McKay said, ” It is true that the answers to our prayers may not always come as direct and at the time, nor in the manner, we anticipate; but they do come, and at a time and in a manner best for the
interests of him who offers supplication.”  We must be humble in our questions and beg for an answer without murmuring of the time period which they are answered in. The Lord will never abandon us, he walked the path alone so we wouldn´t have to.
I´m having mixed feelings about leaving for Hermosillo next Monday… I am not completely comfortable with leaving this little safe haven la CCM but I know that I need to leave. There are people that are waiting to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and have been waiting and searching for a long time. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow closer to my Savior and of course, get out of my comfort zone!!! AAAAHHHH!!! I hope all is well back at home, I am glad you are receiving blessings!! BE GOOD AND MAKE RIGHT CHOICES!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Ashby
P.S. Go Colton!!! Way to be sleeping in the back of the truck!! (Is it starting to get cold yet??? It´s super hot here!!) I am so glad to here Colton and Michaela are loving searching for gospel truths!!! It really is a lot of fun and here… well you´re weird if you don´t like talking about the gospel. I think I´ve learned that we are supposed to be learning and growing all the time!!! There is no break for the Lord does not take breaks… even on Sunday His work keeps going! And go K-bear for losing so much weight!!! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!  Just remember to actually eat something with sustenance and the goal is to be healthy not just to lose weight. Aaron I am glad you are enjoying Middle School so much. Hahaha!!! Girls like someone who can take care of them so keep up with the grades and be kind to others always. Also I have a feeling you will be quite the young man when I get back!!!
Mom… how much I miss you!! As I teach another single mother I feel as though I have so much more insight on how hard it has been on you. I used you as an example for how the Atonement can change our lives only if we will allow it to. She has 2 girls and her name is Ana. She seriously reminds me so much of you!! She is my favorite to teach. Thank you for allowing me to serve the Lord in this capacity. Thank you for teaching me to love everyone at such a young age and to love the gospel. I cannot tell you how much it means to me!! How are things with you at work and with… men???  What are things you are worried about that I need to pray for. We are told to pray for our blessings as missionaries to go to our families when they are in need. What can I pray for? How can I help you??

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