August 2nd 2015 Week 4 in CCM

So going into the mission field and learning all this information kind of feels like that part in Emporers New Groove when they are stuck to that log going down the waterfall… BRING IT ON!! There are a lot of things to remember when preparing to teach and actually teaching someone. When me and Hma. Neff come out of a lesson we’re like “Oh ya!! We forgot to talk about …. and …. and …. and …but the lesson went great!!!” Its kind of funny how much things can change from what you were planning on teaching! Anyways… things here en la CCM are fine as usual!! I am just really glad I’m not outside these walls. There are times like on Saint Days that sirens go on all night and music and everything… it is so loud (and I can pretty much sleep through everything)!!

Learning spanish is interesting… when words and phrases are on flashcards I know them!! However, when it comes to the words coming out when speaking to the Natives here… I know nothing! It makes for some interesting and sometimes redundant lessons! Our schedule has changed this week. We get to everything 20 min earlier!! As well as things changing like service projects and P-day. It’s really interesting!!! We said goodbye to our favorite district in our zone though… so sad. Its insane that in 11 days I will be in Hermosillo… We will be leaving with the Latinos that just came yesterday!!! THAT’S INSANE!!! I am not quite sure if I’m ready for that. We are definitely cracking down on studying. Its kind of weird that we are now the oldest in our district and we’re supposed to know answer to everything… but someone in the district always knows the answer to questions of lessons and language. I don’t really know what else to write?? I think I’m going to be bringing my journal with me though because I can’t really remember everything that’s happened.
Last night Dallin H. Oaks spoke through live broadcast so that was good as well. We had to wait in the auditorium an extra hour because of the time change and it got sooooooo hot. He talked about the importance of the Plan of Salvation… I don’t think I  quite understood the total depth and hand of the Plan of Salvation in the Church. It answers all of the questions that we have…
How is everyone? How are the boys with school? Is Aaron loving all the girls? Whats going on in sus vidas??? Please take pictures… I miss seeing you guys!!
Anyways… that’s my life!!
Love you all miss you all!!
Hermana Ashby

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