August 20th 2015 2nd Week Mexico City

We are currently teaching two “investigators” (they are our teachers) and then one day a week, volunteers come and talk to us, THEY TALK SO STINKING FAST!!! I am learning to completely rely on the Holy Ghost to know what they are saying. My companion knows more spanish than I do, but it was kind of awkward yesterday because this lady would NOT break eye contact with me!!! She just kept talking ssssssuuuuuuuuuuppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr fast!!! Even nuestro maestro thinks she talks fast!! So I was just sitting there hearing some words, when all the sudden she stopped talking and asked me what I think she should do. I took a second and then words came from my mouth that were not my own. IT WAS SOOO COOL!! I said words I honestly do not know. My companion understood a bit more than me, but man o man!! She had concerns about her family and I shared a personal experience and went into praying and inviting for them, always loving them. My companion just stared at me.

The little old lady cried… I believe it was because the Spirit was so strong (or because of my terrible spanish) PERO, This week I have learned a couple of things. First to rely on the Atonement and the Holy Ghost, for comfort, for strength, for help in learning, and sometimes even for speaking. Secondly, I don´t think I ever really quite understood how real Satan is. David A. Bednar talked in a devotional about “Christ-like Character”. I GOT SO MUCH OUT OF IT!! IF YALL CAN READ IT PLEASE DO!!! However, in it he talks about Christ and Satan “tempting” Him. The biggest thing he tried to do to tear down Christ as well as the rest of us was not necessarily with food or with pride, but rather the fact that he wanted Jesucristo to second guess His name, His heritage and who He was. He wanted Him to second guess His calling and His power. I have the privilege to call myself a representative of Jesus Christ. That mantel was placed upon all of us when we are set apart as missionaries. No one else except for the apostles can say this. There have been times when I have gotten completely frustrated with myself, with the language with the lessons, with everything. In these moments of weakness is when Satan tries to discourage us. We can get frustrated all we want, however discouragement is completely inappropriate FOR ALL OF US!! Discouragement indicates giving up, and not having faith, it indicates a lack of humility and turning towards the Savior. Me and my companion, just in this first week have had some tough situations. But let me share a tender moment that we had two hours after writing letters.

Meraly is her name, she is the sister to my teacher, we met with her 4 times. Thursday was the last lesson. She does not have any desire for prayer, going to church, reading scriptures, NADA!! She grew up Catholic and does believe in a God however does not see the need for doing anything else but believing. We fasted and prayed, because we could not get through to her!! Anything we said she would say she didn´t see the need, she wouldn´t keep all the commitments, it was frustrating. Anyways, we decided we should teach on the Atonement. I have not cried so much in my life!!! We went 10 min over our allotted time (which is a lot) and she didn´t even care. We shared a couple of scriptures, Alma 7:11-16.We didn´t really teach as much as we testified. The spirit did it for us. It was only after we testified of Christ´s Atonement. After a moment of silence, we asked her ¡Que Piensa? She then started to cry. We didn´t realize how scared she was, She was putting up a front the entire time. She completely opened up! WE COMPLETELY LOST IT!! Hermana Neff shared an experience about her family. We testified again, and then it was done. We hug our female investigators because well, we can´t hug anyone else, and she hugged me so tight, it reminded of a “mom hug”. That was a tender mercy, after that lesson, we went and said two prayers of gratitude. This is why I am here. We´re asked this literally all the time!! “Why are you here?”After that lesson I know why I am here, I want people to feel the Savior´s Atonement in their lives, I want to see the change in their faces, I want to testify and let them know that I do love them as does our Father in Heaven. I want more of these tender mercies in my life. I need to serve the Lord with everything I have. The Lord has asked that I do this with all my might and I will. I want more of those hugs, those hugs the hugs as 2 Nefi 1:15 “I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love.” I am so grateful for you all, for the blessings and prayers you have, for the things you have taught me and for the privilege we have to be sealed forever and ever. I love you. Please remember who you are and what you stand for. We truly are blessed to be in this gospel.
I love you all so much!!
Love, Hermana Ashby

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