December 19th 2016


Okay… so this week we had a conference with Presidente and it was AWESOME! I learned a ton! I am writing letters to you all and I´m going to be sending them in snail mail with Hermana Robinson so they may get there a little bit late… SO SORRY! But hey… at least I´m writing letters… eh eh?? This week… we found a couple of families super cool actually!!! We had a couple of service projects and its okay because in this time of year in Puerto Peñasco there´s so much tourism that we´ve been knocking doors all day so the service projects were an awesome break… its a little bit cold right now. I know that its nothing compared to what you all have right now… but I´m not used to it… so its cold. Also speaking of cold weather… all of the sister missionaries got sick this week. It was super sad!! So ya… it was fun!! Um…. so I got your package… and I opened it. I´M SORRY BUT I COULDN´T WAIT!!! So ya… my Christmas was on Saturday… when they gave me the package. Thank you so much for sending something for my companion… she can´t receive packages because its super far and it gets here after like 4 months… and almost always people open and take stuff out of the packages. So she says “Thank you so much!!!” Um… well I have other stuff that is going on but really if I tell you all right now we won´t have anything to talk about on skype asi que… LES AMO MUCHO Y NOS VEMOS EN DOMINGO!!! Tomen buenas decisiones, recuerden quien son, que Hermana Ashby les ama mucho y Nuestro Padre Celestial también!  We will see eachother next Sunday at 3 or 3:30ish??? Is that okay?

I have got to go but I love you so much and hope you´re all good and great and grand!!


Hermana Ashby


December 5th 2016

Okay… this week was super awesome… we had intercambios the whole week!!! I am a little bit tired. But its okay. My companion is super awesome. Shes such a great sport even though I haven´t really seen her all this week. Rosa a new investigator went to church this week. Jazmin couldn´t go 😦 but we´re working hard with them. We taught a new investigator super super cool!! She is the daughter of another investigator. She is cool because when we started teaching her dad she didn´t want anything to do with us because she´s listening to missionaries from another religion. But her dad had a pretty serious surgery and so we weren´t able to teach him but his daughter who is like in her 30s wanted to listen. I was thrown back!!! We were in companion exchanges and I was so stinking excited because the first time she saw us she was a little rude… but it don´t hurt porque we´re super hermanas!!! So ya… but she was super interested in the message. She owns a little store and its always super busy but she closed it for a little while to listen to the message and that almost never happens… so that was super cool!! She couldn´t go to church, nor her dad could go. But we talked to her last night to check to see how they are and she´s reading the book of mormon so we´re super excited!!! My companion was super bummed that she couldn´t be there. I don´t have a ton of time because I have to go to Hermosillo but I hope that you are all great and grand!! I love you all so much!! We are so feeling the prayers. I hope that things are okay with you all and that you are all living the gospel and loving and reading the scriptures. I hope all is well with the christmas tree and everything… I love you all and will talk to you all next week… a lot more… tranquila. I love ya!!!


Hermana Ashby

November 28th 2016

Hola mi hermosa familia!!!

How are ya doing this week? This week went well there were a ton of tourists for Thanksgiving weekend… I forgot to tell you all… HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!! I hope that you all ate well. We fasted on this day… not really we fasted on Friday but… 😋😁. We have been working super hard! This week we had three investigators go to church this weekend!!! WOOOJOOOO!!!! Honestly this is one of the hardest things… people going to church… we teach all they need to but here because everything is tourism they almost never go to church but HEY!!! 3 PEOPLE WENT TO CHURCH WITH US!!!! WOOOOOJOOOOOO!!!!!! Um… what else has happened?? I honestly don`t know what to tell ya… I`m super boring!!! A couple of weeks ago I was reading my scriptures and for some reason this time around reading the Book of Mormon I found myself crying. I was reading in 3 Nefi and I have read these chapters and really really loved them and they have meant something very special to me… but this time around it was different. I`m not quite sure why… my companion says its because I`m an old lady in the mission but when I started reading chapter 17 something changed this time… and by the time I got to Chapter 19 (my favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon) I was crying so hard. Being here in “The Americas” teaching people that have a beautiful culture here in the mission and reading those words… I couldn`t help but to think of Mark 14 when Christ`s apostles slept during the Atonement. There is such a difference between the Book of Mormon and The Bible… with the way people acted towards the Savior. I found myself this time around not thinking like the people… but more in the shoes of the Savior. Can you imagine? When suffering the Atonement, our sins, pains, sicknesses, sadnesses and every class of possible feeling we can have in this life He returned to His apostles 3 times to find them sleeping… not knowing what He was doing praying a little far off. I imagined Him and His feelings of loneliness, heartache and complete sadness. He was then tortured and beat and accused and rejected not only by the Pharisees and Saduccees but by his own apostles. He was crucified and died on the cross. He was sent by His Father to the Spirit World to organize all for the people there waiting and then came back here to the earth where He spoke once again to His apostles… 3 days later. And in my mind I imagine that a little bit after this He came here… He descended down from the heavens at the temple where the people had been bruised and wounded from the storms and tragic scenes of their cities being destroyed. But when He descended down… everyone cast their eyes upon Him. No one looked away (in my mind). A voice (the Father) introduced Him… being one of the few times that the Father introduces His Son. He then says “I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come into the world.” He then told them that He did the greatest act of all human history. Then in one accord the multitude fell upon their knees, crying and praying thanks unto their God… for their Savior had come, they remembered the words of their fathers and the prophets concerning Him and probably had a bit of an inner experience similar to that of Alma in Chapter 36… but complete peace and joy filling their hearts. He then invited each and everyone of them to come unto Him and touch the marks in His hands so they could each personally know of the reality of Him and His sacrifice. So that they could personally know that He did it for them… each and every one personally. I imagined His mind filled with happiness and joy and peace and love for each and everyone of them. As He taught them and realized that they weren`t quite ready to hear what He had to say… maybe a little bit of doubt that they were like the Pharisees and Saducees. He said that He would leave for a time but was so filled with compassion towards them that He taught and blessed them, healing the sick and poor of heart doing all kinds of miracles to bless them because even though they didn`t quite understand completely… He loved them still the same. He taught them the things of most importance… baptism and the sacrament. Then He left ascending into the heavens… waiting until they were ready. The people obeyed and the disciples taught what He had taught them… and then they understood. When they completed what He commanded the angels descended and He descended once again. Having received a true baptism… they prayed without ceasing. In my mind I can but only imagine the joy that filled His heart… the same that was literally broken just a short time ago. Still probably remembering the people there in Jerusalem and filled with sadness for them. But here… here in the Americas the people prayed and gave thanks to their God for their Savior Jesus Christ. He went a little way off, He prayed personally to the Father thanking Him for them, and when He returned they were still praying… He did this… 3 times… the same as He did with the Atonement. And every time He came back He found them on their knees… This is the difference between the Bible and The Book of Mormon. The people. It is the same God, the same Jesus Christ and the same Gospel. But the people were different. Their actions different. I found myself these past 5 weeks thinking about this experience and thinking of the experience of my Savior Jesus Christ. I don`t know why but after reading so many times the Book of Mormon this time it was different. I am so grateful for what He did for me. I am grateful for the Bible and the Book of Mormon and for the many teachings we find in each and every one of them. I hope and pray that we can put them in practice. I hope that each and every one of you my dear family can read these chapters and really live them. We come to know our Savior through the scriptures and realize the love He has for us as well as for others. I am so grateful to be here in the mission and to be a representative of Him. It is a grand privilege of which I am honored to carry. I am willing to carry my part of the yoke and remember Him in every moment of my life. I invite you all to do the same. I love you all. And wish and pray for you… every one specifically by name. I hope that we can always remember the Savior especially in this time of the year, that we can be worthy of Him and His name. I invite you all to take time this week, read these chapters 3 Nephi 11-19 and then to kneel down and pray and pour your heart to the Lord and express your feelings for Him for send His Son Jesus Christ. There is a new video out from the church a new initiative for the Christmas season. I hope you can watch it and share it with others… and not only share it on the internet world but can follow it in the REAL WORLD. I love you all. I hope you have a great and fantastic week… always following the Great Master`s teachings. Until next week!!!


Hermana Ashby

November 21st  2016

Hello mi hermosa familia!!!

How are you all?

This week went good! We found some new people to teach and are putting baptismal dates on lots of people. Honestly I have no idea what to write because every week is practically the same. We teach… we contact people… we follow teaching… we walk… sometimes ride bike… its great and grand!!! I love it!! We found some people really cool this week their names are Arecli, Maria Jesus, Suge and Jacinto. Of the people we found these were the cooler ones. These people really need the gospel in their lives. I am learning a ton with my companion Hermana Acuña. She is so stinking good and filled with mmmm… google translate says “good cheer” but that doesn´t sound right… so ya. She really wants to work and I love it! So we are working normal… hard and long. Ooooo something a little bit hard is that we don´t have a phone… I kind of lost it who knows where… I´ve never actually lost a phone before… they have broken before and we had to wait like 2-3 days for the phone but we have had 3 days without a phone and we´ll probably have to wait until friday. Its okay… we really only need it to talk to members to go with us to appointments with investigators… and it is our alarm. Thank goodness that we´re used to getting up at 6:30 every morning!!! The only thing is that I think our minds are on alert because we know we don´t have an alarm so I have woken up at like 530 am and sometimes at 6 but very few times at 630… so ya… we´re working hard. I hope you all are good and loving life and doing what the Lord expects you to do. I love you and make right choices! Enjoy sleeping with alarm clocks!!! jajajja… Bye hasta proxima semana!


Hermana Ashby


November 14th 2016

Hi everyone!!! We had transfers this last week and lots of things have happened!!! My new companion is *drum roll please*… Hermana Acuña!!

Info de ella…

Color: Pink

Scripture: DYC 112:10

From: Paraguay

Time in the mision: 2 days

So… ya I am training here in Puerto Peñasco and she`s so stinking cute! We get along very well. Honestly when I first met her I thought that she was North American but no… she`s South American! She`s super cool and I think we will be able to work very hard here together! She´s really excited as well as I am! So ya… we left for Hermosillo on Sunday and then got there at about 10pm. We had a conference with President and Hermana Robinson and the Assistents (that word looks wrong no matter how many times I spell it) and then I had to go to the Clinic for my foot… it has been having some problems… but I`m good with the pain… just haven´t been able to sleep for like 2 weeks all through the night for the pain… but last night was my first night to sleep all through the night. So it was good. However because we left the clinic at 5pm and the ride back to Peñasco is 7 1-2 hours we had to stay another night in Hermosillo. So ya… sorry that I couldn`t write before!!! But we don`t have a ton of time right now. Last week Hna Luna and I found some really cool investigators that are really interested in the gospel and that really need it. If you all could pray for them that would be great!!! Margarita, Jesus, Andres, Familia Oliva, Enrique, Ivan, Febe, Sandra y Adolfo. Ellos son muy muy buenos y necesitan muchas oraciones!!! Muchas gracias por todo!! Algo un poco chistoso es que en este fin de semana habían muchos bikers de todos lados de Harley Davidson… entonces el trabajo fue un poco lento porque todos estaban en la playa y no pudimos ir ahí. Pero sí no se que mas ha pasado. Siento un poco vieja porque muchas personas han ido a sus casas en este Lunes y llore mucho yo porque mis compañeras (lay mayoría) ya han ido a sus casas!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! NO SE QUE HACER!!! Les extraño mucho y es difícil porque puede ser la ultima vez que voy a verlas!!! Entonces porque nosotras dormimos en la casa de Presidente ellas vinieron a nuestra cuarto para despedirme… porque no pudimos estar en su ultima cena… y que bueno porque no quiero estar triste. Fue muy… no se… interesante… muy triste a verlas ir a sus casas en verdad. Pero ya estamos bien entonces aquí estamos en Puerto Peñasco y listas para trabajar!!!


…. I just realized that I was writing in Spanish but I don`t have time to change it all… I think that if you put it in Google that it should come up good… if not I`m so sorry!!! But I love you all and hope that you are all making good choices and obeying the mandaments of the Lord. I love you and well… I`ll write a better letter next week!!! Sorry!!! Bye!!! Love you all!!!

Hermana Ashby

November 7th 2016

hello well… this week was a little bit slow.

We had interviews… so this next week will be a little long because there will be transfers this next week. So… ya… time has gone by super fast right? Like crazy fast? Scary fast? I feel a little weird because almost all of my companions have returned home… so that stinks. But ya… so we`ve been working hard. My back like I said mom… it has been hurting and I couldn`t walk but now I`m good now. My companion Hermana Luna is super good with me!!! Super patient!!! We have been working super hard en these weeks. So its been really fun to watch her grow. We have been learning a lot together. I don`t really know what to write here… I`m super super bad at this… you`d think that after 15 meses that I would be able to write a good letter… but no. I hope I`ll be able to read your letter Aaron!!! We get mail every time that someone goes to Hermosillo so every month… but this week if it got there with the transfers I think it`ll get here. I miss you guys a ton and hope all is well and that you are all making good choices and staying good. Colton I hope that you are preparing for the mission… I will get back before you go… don`t worry!!! 😉😁😉😁. Michaela… I hope that the driving test goes well… please don`t wreck mom`s car… eh?  Aaron I hope that everything is good with you with school and the other activities that I`m not quite sure what you are doing with your life. I am seriously so excited that you wrote me a letter!!! WOOJOOO!!! I LOVE SNAIL MAIL!!! I also love packages… with treats… clothes… no… treats😉😁 yes… just kidding. But thanks bud for the letter. I can`t wait to get it!!! Grandma and Grandpa good to see your faces!!! I miss you guys so much!!! I hope that you are feeling okay and waiting patiently for your new room!!! Mom I love you so much!! I hope that you are feeling good with everything. I pray with all my might that the Lord is taking care of you all. I hope that my work here has blessed you all in some way. Well… maybe one day I`ll be good about writing letters… probably not. SORRY!!! But I love you all!!! My camera doesn`t have a memory card or battery.. because it has a virus and they haven`t been able to get rid of the virus… but one of the Elders is like a hack wiz… so we`ll see. Sorry I don`t have any fotos… not a one… from all of these transfers… sorry!!! I love you all OH SO MUCH!!! Be good and make right choices!!!


Hermana Ashby

October 31st 2016

Hola Familia… ummmm… quizás puedo escribirles una carta en español… porque en verdad no tengo mucho tiempo y me cuesta mucho a pensar en ingles… pero vale la pena!!! Les amo mucho!!!

Espero que todos estan bien. This week was a little rough. Honestly it was a little bit hard, we had to stop visiting some people and honestly it broke our hearts because they are willing to progress. So.. ya. I hate to stop visiting someone!!! Its horrible! But ya… lots of things happened in this week. We honestly had a lot of dificulties but its okay. We fasted and we felt a little bit better. We are working a lot with a investigator called Sandra. She is super good! Muy muy buena! She has gone to church 2 times. She has a baptismal date but has a little bit of fear of the water… so we`re working on that… because she`s going to be imsered (that looks weird) in the water. But she feels good about the church and especially the Book of Mormon and has changed a lot!!! So if you could maybe pray for her. Por fis!!! Also the family Cardona and Blanca, Odilia and Isabela, Enia, Francisco, Ana Silvia and Reina. They need a lot of prayers!!! I am so grateful to be here in Peñasco. It is so beautiful! There is sand in every part except for 5 streets of my area… but its super fun. I am on a bike ( I don`t remember if I told you all that) but ya. We seriously work all day… I have no other news to tell ya. Sorry!!! I`m super boring but thats life!! And you guys? How are you all doing? I hope that you are enjoying your Halloween night!!! I love you all!!! Well… until next week!


Hermana Ashby

October 24th 2016

Hello my dear family,

This week went by super fast as well as this transfer… its going super fast!!! I can`t believe I`ve been here in Puerto Peñasco for 4 weeks!!! YIKES!!! The time here in Peñsaco is going by super super fast!

Lunch with the Sisters in my Zone:

October 24th.jpg

I have learned a lot in this past week. We have been teaching a lot of people here. Peñasco is called “Paradise” because its the beach… but really there are a ton of people that need the gospel and are willing to listen. Of course in our area there are also a ton of people that want nothing to do with us or our message… however it was a week very inspiring. I am learning to rely more on the Savior. It was super cool… to completely trust in the Lord. Sometimes its hard… but it is so completely worth it. I watched the talk this week from Presidente Monson “We never walk alone” and it lit a fire in me! We have been learning about the reliance of the Lord. He is so good to us. I am grateful to be here in the mission and completely trust in the Lord. I hope that you all can as well learn this trust in the lord. I hope you are enjoying the scriptures and applying these things that you are learning… sorry I can`t type much… I`m dying here with the english and spanish nights like this… so ya… I love you all and hope you all the best. Michaela… pray while you are walking to seminary. Aaron I`m happy for you in all of your activities that you have. Good luck bud!! I`ll be praying for you. Colton… make time for others… like maybe writing your big sister? And Mom… I love you so much. I hope you can be strong and happy… I`ll be back soon to. I want you all to know that I love you all and pray for you always. I hope that we can all accept the will of the Lord and be humble to follow it. That we can all strengthen our relationships with Him because when we are strong with Him we will be good with everything else in our lives. This is the eternal perspective we have as members of the church… a vision… mas ALLÁ!! Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad que tengo por estar aquí en la mision. Les amo mucho!!! Cuenten me de sus vidas!!!

Les amo con todo mi corazon!!! Confíen en el Señor.

Hermana Ashby

October 17th 2016 Peñasco semana 2

Okay… so before I tell you anything about here in Peñasco I have to tell you all something about happened in Guaymas… ROSA ISELA GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!! WOOOOOOOOJOOOOOOO!!!!! Sister Ruìz was so stinking excited!!! I am too!!! I couldn`t go to this baptism because its 10 hours in a bus… so ya. But I`m gonna see if I can go to her husbands baptism… he also has a baptismal date now. WOOOOOJOOOOOO!!!! MIRACLES EXIST!!! Her husband also is changing a ton… every time we went to their house he was always drinking and didn`t really pay attention. Until the ultimate 2 semanas and he listened to the lesson and liked it. He never went to church and now has a baptismal date because he loved the baptism of his wife!!! He now wants to change and it is all from the example of his wife.

Here in Puerto Peñasco we have a few investigators with baptismal dates but we are helping them to overcome some challenges that they have right now. But they are really really good!!! Well…. the computer shut down so now I don`t have much time… so sorry!!!! I love you all… hope you are fine. Mom I hope that the scripture study helps you with everything you need it to. The rest of ya… well… I hope your lives are good as well. Hope you all take time for the Savior and our Heavenly Father. Looking for the miracles and blessings they have left here in our lives. I love you all and am praying for you always.

Hermana Ashby